Convos With Claire LA is just a couple of days away and we are getting you all hyped up for the festivities by featuring Bombshells from the Los Angeles area! Today’s Bombshell of the Day goes by the name Sunita V. aka @sunitav_ and we are here to show off her ultra-contemporary style!

Sunita V. is originally from Wisconsin and then moved to NYC for a bit. Now she is based in LA where it is always sunny and lively. Sunita is currently a blogger who has a feed and style that surely matches her LA lifestyle.

She describes her style as being “whatever mood she is in” as she knows how to switch up her style from flirty chic to more cozy casual casual on certain days.

She loves to rock frilly dress with tropical or vibrant patterns to match her sparkling personality, baring her big beautiful tresses as a fro.

On her casual days, she enjoys a good denim look or sweatpants/leggings paired with a modish jacket paired with a bun hairdo! We love how she can switch up her style and still look bomb!

We are searching for Bombshells based in Los Angeles this week! If you possess a bomb style that is all your own, submit 6-10 different looks along with a description of your style to bo*******@fa**************.com!

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