I’m headed to England at the end of the week of London Fashion Week! Not quite sure when or what I’m going to pack, but while I figure it all out, I give you today’s Bombshell, Shirley from the UK:
She was submitted by her homegirl Jeanne, who wrote, “Shirley is a UK based blogger and youtube guru.””20130909-124957.jpg
“…Her blog can be found here: www.meek-n-mild.com and her youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/shirleybeniang.”
” [She has] a classic…”

“… yet refreshing sense of style.”
” In my humble opinion, she embodies class with the right amount sassiness.”
” Furthermore, she shows that a woman does not need to half naked to look sexy…”
“… or confident.”

Simple and cute! Love that pink coat!
What do you think?

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52 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Shirley from the UK”

  1. Shirley! Been following her for some time now, watched a few of her make up vids. I love her style; very simple, yet elegant and sexy.

  2. I just realized that I’ll be in London during fashion week! How do I get in on the action?

  3. Shirley! Love her style! I’ve followed her blog and her YT Channel for a while now. She’s beautiful!

  4. I lovvvvvee Shirley! Especially her youtube channel. I really enjoy the modest meets chic look of London.

  5. i’m not seeing it at all. attractive girl with exuded confidence in the photos; however, style is not particularly compelling.

  6. OMG.. Finally someone I recognize… Lolz… I <3 her youtube videos… Beautiful girl with great style..

  7. Hey Shirley… I’ve been following her for quite some time now. I really like her clean polished style; and her makeup videos are helpful.

  8. She has a cute/clean aesthetic…I follow her blog although not religiously. She always has perfect lipstick.

  9. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Love Shirley! She is so stylish and fashionbable. Her outfits are well put together, somewhat trendy yet any woman can relate to her style. DEFINITE BOMBSHELL. Been following her on youtube and other social media for quite a while.

  10. Beautiful girl with classic pieces! I stumbled across her YouTube makeup tutorials a few weeks ago, and I liked them a lot. Had no idea she was a fashionista as well.

  11. You’re featuring all the YTGuru’s today! Shirley is a gem! I have been following her YT channel for a number of years. She’s such has such a sweet personality, and her friend described her to a T. Super elegant, with a little bit of class. Her YouTube Channel and Blog are worth checking out!

  12. Love Shirley! She was a featured bombshell before, FashionBomb was my first introduction to her blog. Didn’t realize she had begun blogging again… I will definitely have to check it out! Thanks!

  13. Oh, I recall her face from YouTube — She’s a beauty. Cute, simple style — sweet but nothing noteworthy. I do like her look and channel, though.

  14. I love Shirley so much, she’s my bestie in my head. Doesn’t hurt that she’s half Nigerian too.

  15. Shirley is beautiful. Her style is definitely classic and elegant and these pictures are just a small impression of just how amazing she is.
    I love her blog and youtube channel because they relate to the everyday girl/woman. keep it up Shirley!

  16. I can appreciate the clean look and fit of her clothing. Just wish there were more patterns and colors. I found it nice and simple, but nothing special. She still looks good though, especially considering what goes for bombshell these days.

  17. what a pleasant supriseeeeee



  18. except for maybe that first and second look (just really not my style) I consider her as a great inspiration! She looks just so fabulous and beautiful, well done!

  19. Gosh been following her blog, insta, YT and all almost feel like I know her. I love her style, so chilled and put together.

  20. I love this girl’s simple, yet tasteful style. Her blog is awesome. She has so many cute styles. She is my type of Fashion Bombshell. Love, love, love her!

  21. Love it! I haven’t loved a bombshell in quite some time, so FINALLY!!!!!! Would love to see more of this and less of the “ratchet”.

  22. I love Shirley! Such a fan of her on YouTube. She has a unique beauty that is natural. This is a true bombshell. Some of the above pics don’t do her much justice. I encourage you all to go over to her YouTube channel and take a peek at some of her videos. Beautiful sister indeed! Much love from New York!

  23. on account of I follow her blog, I LOVE shirleys style. Her friend described her well, however, she’s had much better outfits than what was chosen for her. I think most of us already know this about her to those who think there’s no “wow” factor.

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