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I’m going to take a little break from reporting on Paris Fashion Week to bring you some good old Fashion Bombshell goodness! Today we have Shayna, a merchandising student at New York’s FIT:

She says, “My style is ever evolving. I wear a piece of leopard print everyday.  As an Artist, I love the femininity it represents… Girl Power!
Well, Shayna, you certainly have an eclectic look. I admire your courageous haircut, nails, heck even your leopard print catsuit!


What do you guys think of Shayna’s style?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, and Fashion Bombshell of the Day Picture to th************@gm***.com.

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26 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Shayna from FIT”

  1. Haha I agree with her on the daily wear of leopard print…I love that she is totally following her own drum….of course there will be some nay sayers in the comments to follow but hey fashion isn’t always clear cut or always easily understood…

  2. Not sure how I feel about the nails in picture 2, but she is unique. I’m always impressed by people who can look put together when so much is going on. Werq!

  3. Different does not always mean better. I admire her confidence and courage, but you all know if you saw her on the street, you’d probabley laugh. This is not cute, she’s a pretty girl but her style is trash, and her hair/clothes does nothing 2 compliment her. We can do better Fashion Bomb!

  4. Love this blog. Also, Shayna’s look is fierce, she is from NYC and she’s rocking it.

  5. I love her look, she is different, unique and has a style of her own. She would definitely be a head turner. Stay true to yourself Shayna and good luck!!!!

  6. I personally couldn’t rock this style because it’s not me. However, this is Shayna’s style and I say, “Do yo thang honey”. I love to see people courageous enough to challenge the status quo!! Kudos to you!!

  7. This style works for HER! I couldn’t dream of rocking this outfit…not daring enough!

  8. This girl rocks!!! Please don’t be a HATER because you don’t have the courage to do something someone has the confidence to do. Just give them their props for being themeslves and for having the guts to strut their style. Learn to appreciate dont HATE. I say continue on Shayna….

  9. Well, we were only given two pics, so I feel we aren’t getting a true sense of her fashion. However, her hair? …is the side hair cut to this decade what the asymmetrical hair cut was to the 80’s?

  10. I like it on her. I would get inspiration from her looks, not try to rock the exact thing. Maybe it seems busy to others but I see a lot of little details. Love her earrings in the 2nd pic and the headband.
    It seems like the leopard jumper is strapless but she has a collar on (or maybe its a necklace?). Either way it seems reminiscent of the recent Mui Mui runway show collars with cats and other animals printed on it.
    Denim vests are also “in vogue” check the gap. She personalized this trend by adding on yet another thats still going from last SS “studs”.
    The baby / bubblegum pink lips and nails luv, squirrel tail or some furry tail on her bag Cute! (look at the william rast show)
    Girl has a lot of references in her look which I honestly don’t think is too busy. Its fresh and refreshing to see someone dress exactly how she wants and be fashionable instead of being a fashion drone ie going out and seeing girls in carbon copy looks of each other simply because that look is the trend now instead of taking the trend and making your distinct “style” statement.

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