2015 is almost over! Can you believe it? It’s time to start thinking about who should be Fashion Bombshell of the Year!
Shannon from Miami has been featured before, but figured she’d submit again before we wrap things up for 2015.
2 Shannon from Miami
She says, “I’m submitting one last time before the year closes!
Shannon from Miami
” I chopped off all my hair a couple of weeks ago and I feel like that was the last stop on my evolutionary road in 2015!”

9 Shannon from Miami
” I’ve been featured before but since then I, along with my style have evolved.”

8 Shannon from Miami
” I’m still fun, flirty, and feminine but I’ve realized that less is more. My style is much more refined and with this new cut I feel as though it will start going down a semi androgynous road so I look forward to submitting again in 2016 but until then I would be honored if you were to please feature me again.”

7 Shannon from Miami
” I now have an Actress page on Facebook and the more likes I have the better.”

6 Shannon from Miami
Facebook.com/actorshannonhemmings. I’m still on Instagram: @shanhem1 and my blog is www.shanscapes.com.”
5 Shannon from Miami
” Thanks for the consideration! You rock!”

4 Shannon from Miami

3 Shannon from Miami
So do you! I love that gold button blazer dress and your silver look is stunning!
See more at Facebook.com/actorshannonhemmings, @shanhem1, and www.shanscapes.com. Check Shannon’s first submission here.

What do you think of Shannon from Miami?

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