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Today Fashion Bomb Reader Sammy hits up with a bit of Bostonian flavor:

Sammy Fashion Bombshell of the DaySammy Fashion Bombshell of the Day

She says, “I was born and raised in Haiti, but I now reside in Boston. My style and look is a melting pot of who I am–It’s my way of expressing myself.

Sammy Fashion Bombshell of the Day

“…I love loud colors and patterns. I’ve always stood out due to my personality and style. Thanks!

Sammy Fashion Bombshell of the Day

You better work it Sammy!

Loving your bold style and confidence.

What do you think of her look?

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11 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Sammy from Boston”

  1. Loves it! I love a girl who is not afraid of color and patterns! Work it mama! (But on a sidenote, can we straighten the room up just a smidge before we photograph for the world to see?) :P But, I love your style!

  2. Haiti Big UP! I had to get that out the way – LOL! She is very Fashionable – I especially love the last pic with the halter dress, pink tights with mini boots – YES YOU GOT IT!

  3. LOL @ pinkflame! Yeah the background noise is killin me. But the clothes are fab! I really like that mustard jacket. It’s so cute

  4. Thank you guys! Your comments are highly appreciated. I cleaned up lol. Hope all is well. xoxoxo…Sammy!

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