20 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Onyinye from Maryland”

  1. I think the outfit is 2 cute! But her shirt…er dress is a lil short on the riske’ side…

  2. Yeah that’s definitely a shirt! Would have been cute with leggings or maybe skinny jeans.

  3. i agree. Its obvious she has a great since of style, and since she is a fellow Marylander I MUST respect that. BUT a fashionista must be a mix of sexy and CLASSY. To complete the look skinny’s would have been great

  4. Why yes it is…i just happen to work at h&M and its comes in cream or purple lol(shameful plug lol)

  5. I like it – but my immediate look at it I thought it was a romper – meaning it was a shorts jump suit – IF NOT – yes leggings – shorts would be ideal!

  6. she looks hot! i’m biased to short dresse / shirts, being 5’11 sometimes things run on the short side. She’s working it! Feeling those shoes!

  7. I agree, she look very cute, but leggings, shorts, skinny jeans would have made it better…

  8. Cute top and AMAZING shoes — this girl definitely has style. Like everyone else said though, she DEFINITELY needs some skinny jeans, a pencil skirt, or leggings. I like short skirts too, but this is clearly a shirt not a dress, and is so short that it distracts from any other stylishness that’s going on in the outfit.

  9. I loved this look! She looks fab from head to toe. I disagree about the skinny jeans or leggings, her bare legs look fab! She’s showing off her thick legs which most people are scared to do. If you got it, flaunt it!

  10. I totally agree, she looks great! She has great legs. Leggings or skinny jeans would have totally made the outfit look regular…get it girl, represent for the curvy women!

  11. The shirt and shoes are hot but waaaaaay to short. How did you walk? I agree the shortness takes away from the outfit

  12. Its to short and that takes the emphasis off the sexy look I’m sure she is going for and makes it look borderline trashy. would be better longer or with skinny jeans or leggings

  13. I loveee this! I actually know this girl, she goes to the university of md and is really tall, I’m guessing like 5’11! I feel like it looks short b/c of her super long legs! Work it for the tall girls :) !!!!!

  14. lol….. i am deff gona agree with LoudPen instead of every1 else…
    she is KILLING this look!!! hurray for the thick legs! its clear she was going out… had it been a day time ‘fit im sure she wudve worn leggins, shorts && all the other stuff everyone is calling for!!
    && being from near by {Lanham}… i have to give credit!

    Girlfriend…. PROPS!! you got it && you rocked it!!

  15. she rocked this! where she get that top from i want it now too n her eye makeup is on point !

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