Ok, ok. You guys haven’t been impressed with this week’s Bombshells. Perhaps Nikki from North Carolina can pass your chic test?
She types, “I am submitting my photos to possibly, wishfully, hopefully be featured as bombshell of the day.”

7 Nikki from North Carolina

” I have been an avid reader of your blog for some time now and greatly respect it.”

0 Nikki from North Carolina
I would describe my style as ever changing.”
10 Nikki from North Carolina

” If you take a glance back through my lookbook on chictopia (@fattygirl218) you can see how my style has evolved and changed BUT still fits me as a person.”

1 Nikki from North Carolina
” I get inspiration from a plethora of sources, whether it be fellow bloggers, fashion magazines, or celebrities I ALWAYS change it up to fit my Gemini personality.”

11  Nikki from North Carolina
” For example you may find that my neon tank and tribal print skirt looks familiar… well I got the inspiration from one of your “what to wear” columns. I, however opted for a longer skirt.”

090 Nikki from North Carolina
” I tend to stick to basic colors…”
4 Nikki from North Carolina

“…but this season has me stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting with colors and pattern mixing.”

6 Nikki from North Carolina

” I can be found at my blog Nikkislifeandstyle.blogspt.com, instagram @fattygirl218, or chictopia @fattygirl218. Ciao! “
99 Nikki from North Carolina
I like it! Your looks are polished and chic, with a fun twist.
Do you agree?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! .

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48 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Nikki from North Carolina”

  1. mehhhh…In comparison to the last 2 “bombshell wannabees” this one is better, nonetheless I am not impressed. When I think fashion bombshell…I think of someone who can serve as inspiration for outfits I would like to wear/put together. The outfits are cute….but no bombshell… NEXT—>

  2. I like this, it’s practical and simple. However, I guess I may be really bias because I enjoy simplicity. I really like the tribal and neon tank top.

  3. I love the outfits. And I love the fact that they are affordable. I see some items from Forever 21 and Target in some of her outfits. You dont have to break the bank to look like a diva…I love her!!!!!

  4. I like her style..and she is nice and slim. I think look 2 would have looked better with flats though.

  5. I like a lot! Simplicity can go the distance sometimes. Yes, I love to see “bombshells” rock things that I never would or could, but I also like seeing people who dress like me.

  6. Y’all be bipolar with your who IS and ISN’T a bombshell. I’ve seen many a commentor give a bombshell title to people who have style that equals a H – Oh -Tee M – E – Double S. Smh

    I think that this fashionista is a bombshell! Her looks are neat and classic and the shoe game is on point.

  7. Hey Nikki..(clap clap clap clap)…Capital WERK s 4 me….like that ur not unbeweavable… grey tank dress n denim was my fave …current n cute

  8. Individually her pieces aren’t that spectacular, however the manner in which she puts them together is very skilled and creative; resulting in an eye-catching appeal. She has mastered the fine art of complex-simplicity.

  9. Nikki, you have a great sense of elegance which carries through in whatever you wear. You look great in every photo!

  10. YESSSSS!!!!!!! Finally. This girl is simple, elegant and AUTHENTIC. She is doing what comes natural to her – you can tell – NO sense of trying too hard or putting on a costume. Love it. Great hair, skin and smile, too.

  11. Yes she is very much an individual and very cost effective. I voted bombshell. Went to check her insta it was on ‘PRIVATE’. Sorry we can’t see more….

  12. FINALLY… someone with style! I love most of her looks, but I think she should try another hairdo #toomuchforhead

  13. Breath of fresh air for the week, finally! Her wardrobe is clean and practical, I like it.

  14. See now, THIS is what you call classy, chic and sophisticated dressing! You look great Nikki!

    Thanks Claire!

  15. I like most outfits but i despise the third (blah) that green doesn’t work for you honey boo boo <3
    Somee hits. some misses

  16. I think we are all still shell shocked from the most recent bombshells so I giving her a bombshell for cleaning my fashion palette.

  17. looks like every other chick that shops at Target, H&M, F21 and reads the style blogs.

    I see NOT ONE bit of uniqueness or personal style whatsoever. This is nothing but trends sold every season as the next big thing. Deepest of SIGHS

  18. I love and dig her style,it is clean,polished with basics/staples as well as trendy. Me likey

  19. She looks cute! Not a fb, but looks nice and is well put together. Would have liked to see her in lipstick to give her face a pop of color

  20. Cute I guess but once again like the other ladies she’s trendy not fashionable she pairs pieces together that she’s seen, I’d like to see someone who can keep with trend but put their own twist on it and her outfits could be a little better fitting

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