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Kicking off our fabulous week is Bombshell Nika, a student from DC who recently relocated to NYC:

The Fashion Bomb

About her look, she says, “My style is eclectic. I express myself creatively and enjoy having fun with clothing…I often mix colors and prints. I love vintage , overtly feminine pieces, and bright colors.”


She continues, “When I’m in New York, I’m always inspired by people around me. I love that NYC encourages individual style.”


“…I am also largely inspired by women who express a sort of strong femininity in the way that they dress: Kerry Washington, Giovanna Battaglia, and Carrie (SATC). I also admire the dramatic fearless style of Josephine Baker.”


Chic! And how creative–cool that you’re wearing a blazer under a vest and belt. So interesting, might have to try that one!

If you want to check out more of Nika’s personal style and inspiration, log onto her blog www.iriechie.blogspot.com.

Take a glance, then tell us: what do you think of her style?

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14 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Nika from DC”

  1. To be honest, I like her individuality, but I only love her 2nd photo. I think she wears to many layers and mixes to many items together. For instance in the last picture, if she got rid of the grey vest, and black belt she would simply chic.

  2. love the individual style cuz it totally works for her. don’t know many people who could pull off those looks.

  3. love her looks. esp the pink top and the vinty looking louis in the 2nd pic. not everyone can rock pieces as this and still look good. its usually the person, which reminds u confidence and your OWN style goes very far. reminds me of a girl from hs who would wear the most random items together yet stayed looking fly, no one could touch her. fashion bomb!

  4. I love her style!!! I dig the attitude to match!….so what if she is wearing too many things together?? I love it and she is wearing what rocks her boat….may the fierceness live on!…oh yes and those shoes are bad as hell in the pic with the pink outfit!

  5. Wow…she’s creative and inspiring…mixing layers and different textures makes you stand out from the crowd and not boring! Go girl

  6. Love her style. It’s great when you can rock clothes and make it individual to you. Love it!!!

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