We’re kicking off this last week in May with Nicole from Fredericksburg, Virginia!
2 Nicole from Virginia
She says, “ It’s hard to find a word to describe my style.”
3 Nicole from Virginia
” I’m very casual with how I dress I just put things together uniquely.”

4 Nicole from Virginia
” I think it’s more about how I wear my clothes and the presentation than the actual clothes themselves.”

5 Nicole from Virginia

” I can wear a pair of basic jeans and top with confidence and someone would think its the flyest outfit they’ve seen lol ?”

7 Nicole from Virginia
” I hope my pics are good enough quality.”

6 Nicole from Virginia
“I love collages and my iPhone camera stinks lol.”
8 Nicole from Virginia

9 Nicole from Virginia

Nicole from Virginia
Gorgeous! You’re a Bombshell! And your picture quality is just fine;)
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13 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Nicole from Virginia”

  1. I don’t love her style but I like that she took a few chances and isn’t married to one type of look. I think she could work on polishing up the finished look with higher end accessories and eliminating certain materials from her wardrobe (pleather jackets, thin acid wash jeggings)

  2. ^^pleather can be good sometimes, it’s the speed racer black and white combo that’s killin it. But I agree just a few tweaks needed. Also, I’m not sure how I feel about those sandals over the jeans.

  3. She looks nice in the pencil skirts and printed pants but that’s it. Everything else is blahhhhh…

  4. Cute looks. I like how the clothes match the figure. Over the knees boots are working. I like the black and white look and the everything Adidas is fun.

    Then the nail polishes. 2 Neon nail polishes + a color for the lipstick is a lot of colors even for a casual outfit. For me a full neon mani/pedi is still a lot. Maybe then a french mani with neon as the tip color?

  5. Lol, so does her nail polish really matter??? Neon mani/pedi is extremely normal nowadays. I wouldn’t change my lipcolor because my nails are a certain color, but I don’t like the matchy-matchy look. Anyway, I really liked her last look and her hair is on point!

  6. Would love to know how tall she is. She has some interesting looks going. Kudos.

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