You guys weren’t too jazzed with yesterday’s Bombshell. Hopefully Niama from Brooklyn will get a warmer reception!
She says, “I’m from Brooklyn, NY originally, I stopped in D.C. for almost a decade as many Howard alumni do; however, I am currently living in London, UK finishing grad school.”
“It may seem trite but if I had to describe my style the best word would certainly be eclectic.”

“You can catch me in jeans, a vintage bowtie, a fedora & oxfords just as easily as you might see me in fitted dress and heels.”

” I make it a point to visit a vintage market in whatever city I may be in whether Amsterdam, New York, LA, or here in London as I often mix vintage pieces with contemporary items.”

” Some of the clothes and jewelry I wear come from independent designers, and sometimes are one-of-a-kind pieces.”

” The bottom line for me when I’m getting dressed is: “Do I feel amazing wearing this?” If so, I wear the hell out of it!”

“… Sometimes it may be hard to put a label on my style but my look is always a reflection of me and the many different parts that have made me a whole.”

Another strong submission. I love your first and last looks the most, and need details on your printed halter dress. I’m in love!
See more of Niama on Instagram @NiSRDetails.
What say you?

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