Today’s Bombshell is Nel from Washington, D.C.:

She writes, “My blog is Girls of Plenty (”

“.. While my blog may masquerade as a fashion blog…”

“…it is anything but.”

” It is a platform for a plus size woman to encourage others to be themselves through fashion.”

” As a married, professional woman well into my 30s (very close to 40), with a family to raise, I aim to show women that fashion is what you want it to be.”

” There are no rules that you need to adhere to…”

“… no trends that you have to follow.”

” Wear what makes you feel good on any given day.”

As an African-American, I also try to pay homage to my African ancestors by wearing something that celebrates my heritage and the sacrifices they made for my freedom.”

” All in all, my style is what it is.”

I adore your style philosophy! Not all your looks are my taste, but that’s what I love about them. You’re boldly, uniquely you, which is refreshing in this age of copycats and me-toos.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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73 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Nel from DC”

  1. The leather jacket with the green shirt and cranberry pants is nice…I would’ve like to see a different shoe, but still a nice combination.

  2. She is beautiful…but i definitely thinks she looks even more better wearing earrings tho it makes her look more femenine.

  3. i was a little hesitant to vote bombshell until I read her style philosophy…she is def a bombshell, if not for her style looks, definitely for her attitude. I love it. She is bold and fearless.

  4. Homegirl needs a tailor…With her body her clothes can’t swallow her whole, they do nothing for her figure.

  5. I like her! Definitely a bombshell in my eyes. While I wouldn’t wear most of her looks, there was something about her that was enough for me to recognize that she is comfortable in here own skin and owns whatever she wears. Great style philosophy.

  6. I certainly love how she describes herself, bombshell for that alone. But I do think a tailor would do wonders.

  7. Bombshell…I see her vision and I can appreciate the use of colors, pattern mixing and the inspiration for her style – her description portrays her style perfectly.

    The overalls scared me though… I do not like overalls but if they are to be worn it should be by a person with a slim figure IMO – that is one fashion rule that should never be broken.

  8. Bombshell… she has edge and she gives the clothes life. Its very apparent that her style is created by how she feels that day. I see a different character in each ensemble. ::snaps::

  9. applause to your creativity and outlook on Fashion. My only critique would be to tailor. Congratulations on being chosen.

  10. I actually like all the looks and overall aesthetic. If I could say one thing is that wearing that hairstyle she has to play up her femininity a lot. Like always wear earrings and lipstick find a bolder red to complement your beautiful skin.

  11. I can dig it! Bombshell for me! I’m not a fan of overalls on anyone but those bringing in the produce but everything else was a hit! I very much so liked how well she knew what complimented her. Everyone is not as self aware. You go girl! :-)

  12. Hmmmmm…..I don’t know about some of the shoes they do nothing for her legs. But I love her facial look that is a BOLD sister to werk it bald. Get it hontey!!!!!

  13. I like her, she is different by nature. It doesn’t seem like she tries to hard like other bombshells that have been featured. Claire you are definetly on to something, it’s alot of me too fashionista’s out there, but this is so refreshing!

  14. i’m not gonna lie…she kinda scares the bejeezus out of me…her looks are very androgynous. i think she should grow her hair out a little…just to compliment the clothes more. She does have nice pieces and an okay style…

  15. Personally, I love the androgynous look on her! And she served me every inch of textile in that all black ‘fit on the trail. Thanks for the amount of pics and for making me look twice. Bombshell, hands down.

  16. This is why I keep coming back. This woman embodies everything a bombshell should be. It’s not about labels & trends, its about making what you can afford look great on you. I love her attitude and her ability to be herself. I want to see more mothers & entrepreneurs here, who aren’t trying to impress a bunch of catty teeny boppers. I may not love every piece, but overall her style represents total individuality. I’m headed to her blog now. Thanks for this one. More submissions like this may very well get rid of the negative riff-raff. Love it!

  17. YAAAAAAS Maam! I discovered her a while ago and have visited the site after finding her on the black bald beauties tumblr. She is very well put together and her looks work well for her. Me likey….

    Different than the trendy video chic style – which is fine too. But I am 37 and her style is refreshing. This is a sista from the DMV who is obviously comfortable in her skin and well loved and supported by her foundation/family.

    DMV stand up! #teambaldie

  18. I like it, its actually interesting and she’s older, almost 40 and still taking risks with her clothing! Im only 20 myself but I get tired of looking at the same old same old bombshells

  19. but how does having a good view on LIFE mean u have good style? its funny how she distracted everyone

    one has nothing to do with the other.. maybe if it was a lifestyle blog she could get points. but anyone can write great words about life and still have bad taste in clothes. she needs new shoes those tan ones are run down and the thrifty stuff looks thrifted.

    CLAIRE are u really gonna cosign the plaid button down tied up with the long skirt? or that waitress look with the tie?

  20. At the end of the day, GENUINE ATTITUDE is always the best style and she’s SERVING A LOT OF IT. Loooovessss her!!! Unique and refreshing. You are honestly tell this is WHO SHE IS not some Rihanna-faux-edgy-bullshit blacks girls are so desperate on copying on a walmart plus budget.

  21. I don’t like any of her looks however she still looks put together to me. So I can’t really say anything negative. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but she kind of as a “world beat” style.

  22. Holy cow! I can’t get passed her bald head! Maybe it wouldn’t look so manly if she grew the hair out a little. However, I must admit she dresses for her body and you can’t help, but love her philosophy.

  23. Some of you guys are strait up liars… being super nice and giving random compliments to this lady because you’re not sure what else to say.

  24. She is very different but I think I like it. I love that she stands for something and most of all the comfort (in her skin) she exudes. Some of the looks aren’t what I would wear but kudos to her!!

  25. This woman is near 40 with a mate and kids and career and you all are telling to a) grow out your hair a little b) wear earrings c) get better shoes. SERIOUSLY? You think she cares? You think she’s fixed on what will make her look more feminine? You think she’s trying to fit in? Some of you can only HOPE that once you reach her age that you have all the confidence she does, that you can TRULY live out loud, that you can TRULY be the cool kid on your OWN playground…the pearl of your OWN oyster…the lead actress on your OWN stage.

    She has been there, done that and GOT TWO t-shirts! This woman has paid her dues in life and has defined her own standards. How dare you tell her what she needs to fix???

    It’s ok to say I don’t like her style, but when you begin to list things that you think THIS GROWN woman should “fix” you are simply showcasing how brainwashed by society you are. How close-minded you are.

  26. I’m Inspired some misses, mostly hits. However some of the things that makes her a bombshell is that she isn’t status quo & through her clothing style she sets her own trends. You can tell she’s makes her own rules & owns it unapologetically and isn’t afraid to let you know it BOMBSHELL !

  27. U know I thought this one was going to be disastrous… but she slayed with that ole cancer survivor hair cut…YEEESSSS #lethave

  28. I love her style philosophy too & that’s what makes me love her style. She’s not trying to be anything but her and fashion is all about freedom – thumbs up!

  29. I’m sorry, she does need a tailor. Her clothes don’t compliment her body type. Way too much material…

  30. i agree w/ needing a tailor, but she’s def. a sight 2c. xtremely unique n waaay 2xotic 2b n that denim number. i think shes the perfect canvas 4tons of colors n patterns n def. the look at me big earrings

  31. she is super dupa fly to me…but burn those damn denim overalls.
    everything else had me screaming WERK !!!!!!!!!!!! that look with the knee high leather boots in the park is the BIZNESS !!! its refreshing to see a bigger woman not trying to squeeze into something too small— too many plus sized chicks on here get the epic fail for that.

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