Today’s Bombshell is Krystal, a Florida native currently kicking it in D.C.:

She says, “My personal style could be described as…”spur-of-the-moment.””

” I get random spurts of inspiration and then include them into an outfit.”

” I definitely dress for my body type–because I’m so short, I can’t wear EVERYTHING that’s popular (i.e. cropped trousers and tea-length skirts).”

” I do like trends, but I’d rather buy something because I actually like it than because it’s currently “in style.” And once I like something, I usually buy it more than once and wear it over and over again!”

” I love reading fashion blogs and magazines and engaging in plain old people-watching for inspiration. It’s amazing how many ideas I get from outfits just by looking at what other people wear!”

Have we been on a Bombshell roll or what? Super cute. See more of Krystal’s looks at
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