We’re headed to the A (!) today with Bombshell Kimberly:
Kimberly from Atlanta
She says, “I like to think of my style as feminine and chic with a touch of whimsy!”
10 Kimberly from Atlanta
” Sometimes I love to incorporate bold colors into my looks and other times black and white with a statement piece works just fine.”

8 Kimberly from Atlanta
” I like to keep it simple, but I do realize my simple isn’t the next person’s definition of simple.”

9 Kimberly from Atlanta
” I feel that fit is the most important factor when it comes to style.”

7 Kimberly from Atlanta
” A lot of times the perfect fit can be achieved with a little insurance aka the undergarments.”

3 Kimberly from Atlanta
” Once you have fit down the stylish possibilities are endless!”

4 Kimberly from Atlanta
” My hope is to inspire ladies, especially plus size ladies, to embrace their personal style.”

6 Kimberly from Atlanta
” Don’t be afraid to try any and everything!”

5 Kimberly from Atlanta
” You’ll be surprised by the combos you come up with! If it’s a “miss” one day there’s always tomorrow to get a “hit!””

kimberly from atlanta 2
Cute! Your black and white outfits are bomb.
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