We’re headed to the A (!) today with Bombshell Kimberly:
Kimberly from Atlanta
She says, “I like to think of my style as feminine and chic with a touch of whimsy!”
10 Kimberly from Atlanta
” Sometimes I love to incorporate bold colors into my looks and other times black and white with a statement piece works just fine.”

8 Kimberly from Atlanta
” I like to keep it simple, but I do realize my simple isn’t the next person’s definition of simple.”

9 Kimberly from Atlanta

” I feel that fit is the most important factor when it comes to style.”

7 Kimberly from Atlanta
” A lot of times the perfect fit can be achieved with a little insurance aka the undergarments.”

3 Kimberly from Atlanta
” Once you have fit down the stylish possibilities are endless!”

4 Kimberly from Atlanta
” My hope is to inspire ladies, especially plus size ladies, to embrace their personal style.”

6 Kimberly from Atlanta

” Don’t be afraid to try any and everything!”

5 Kimberly from Atlanta
” You’ll be surprised by the combos you come up with! If it’s a “miss” one day there’s always tomorrow to get a “hit!””

kimberly from atlanta 2
Cute! Your black and white outfits are bomb.
See more on IG @Keys2LuxLife.

What do you think of Kimberly from Atlanta?

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28 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Kimberly from Atlanta”

  1. She has a cute style. I can appreciate the simplicity of it. Didn’t vote bombshell…but voted ok style. Maybe it was a bit too practical for me….not sure. Either way I still like it and a note of advice to her….the hairstyle in the second picture compliments your face beautifully. That is the look for you!!….well in my opinion.

  2. I’m really digging her style and I like the way she remixed those leather-like leggings.

  3. I like! That burnt orange wrap skirt from ASOS…I may need to buy. Been eyeing it forever.

  4. Been following her IG for the longest pretty girl with lovely style that is also practical. I love to see people in true life everyday looks vs the concept styling.

  5. GIRLLLLLL! Fabulous! I love love love love. Definitely a bombshell I can’t believe everyone didn’t vote bombshell! I would follow you if you had a blog. Definitely going to find you on IG. You better work!

  6. @ Socratic she has an amazing figure ? Really. Keep deceiving Her. She needs to hit the gym asap.

  7. Yes Mam! I love the red frames and her style is really practical and really well put together!

  8. She looks good and some of yall are just mean. She worked hard to get here she was bigger so think of what people May have gone thru already before u say mean things.

  9. I like that her style is her own and doesn’t “remind” me of any stores in the mall. With the exception of the leather leggings and the graphic tee, there were no trends; which, IMO, is a measure of true personal style.

    Her combinations aren’t groundbreaking, but they are well put together and seem to give the viewer some insight into her style personality. It’s my hope that future Bombshells can follow her lead.

    A strong ‘B’ is my vote!

  10. @Mimi, please go back to the swamp you came from.

    Her real hair does so much more for her look than the weave, just my opinion :)

  11. I loved her. I have had a crush on the bag forever btw, still searching ebay lol. Of course I love this! and she wears red glasses like muaah so whats not to like. Good post!

  12. @jayzzy Jay I am sure you are fat and guess your massive nut craker thighs rub together and drive you crazy, that’s why you are hurt by me pointing out what is obviously true. Now run along little girl. Sign up at planet fitness it’s just 10 dollars a month.

  13. In between “hot! duh she’s a bombshell” and “not a bombshell, but ok style”. Looks good enough.

  14. Been following this young lady on IG for the last couple of years. I absolutely love her style. It is simple, clean, practical and chic. Plus, those glasses!!! She gets top vote from me! :)

  15. I feel like she wins just by her face alone. She don’t even have to try outside of that.

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