Today LA fashionista and blogger Kethia brings fierceness and West Coast Flavor to our Fashion Bombshell of the Day feature:


She says, “I’m originally from Chicago and currently reside in Los Angeles. I am of Haitian decent, and I have a passion for forecasting trends. I love to mix/match high & low end pieces, plus I adore VINTAGE!!”


“I believe 80% of my wardrobe consists of vintage, which I love because I can still look amazing, modern, and timeless, own one-of-a-kind pieces, and stay within budget.


“I hate the term ‘fashion victim’ because I feel we are all victims of fashion to a certain extent. It’s all about how you feel in what you wear no matter what it looks like or what anyone thinks.


Kethia, you’re our first California Bombshell, and I must say, you are working it. From your poise to your courageous use of accessories, prints, and colors, your style is the bomb.

Check out Kethia’s blog, The Flaunt Files, at

In the meantime, what do you think of her style?

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