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Welcome to another week featuring urban fashionistas with great style!

Today we have Kay from Stamford Connecticut (on the right), who is a full time administrator and part time stylist:

Kay Connecticut Bombshell of the Day

She says, “I noticed that you don’t feature a lot of thick chicks as Bombshell of the day. I thought I might be one of the first to show the world how the plus size chicks rock!

Snaps to Kay for sending in her pic! What do you think of her style?


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19 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Kay from Connecticut”

  1. The dress is really cute. The pinks and purples compliment her skin. The vest isn’t really needed, the outfit is fine without it.

  2. Cuz, u r definitly representing for us thick beautiful women. Keep it up cuz u r looking good girl!!!!

  3. You better work it Kay. Show them how Fab you really Are. Luv it. You rock! Love to see beautiful women doin’ their thing!

  4. like the bag.
    overall i like the outift. i agree that the vest wasn’t really nessecary but it’s still a nice outfit.
    sure to turn some heads.

  5. Her whole style is sick! I’m dialing 911 right now and pulling the emergency I.V.out the medical cabinet! From the tassles on her bag to the hot pink vest that makes the pattern on the dress pop! I don’t know what they’re dinking out there in CT to make her think of something like this, but send me a glass quick! One time big girls…. oweeee! Get’em Kay!

  6. I wish you guys could see the back of the vest which was knitted in the shape of flowers ..it complimented the dress very well. I sent them a back shot but they left that one out….later gators

  7. i’m a fashion design & management student… currently working on my owm plus sized line (since I’m vuluptious myself) && i hate seeing thickalicious chicks wearing horrible outfits… it erks my nerve so to see a hunnie doin it big! rockn skin tight && short in a ver sassy & sexy way is GREAT!!!

    keep it up ma! you look hawt!

  8. I love the ensemble. From her confidence, to the dress, down to the yellow nails lol. I love it.

    P.S- Her friend looks cute too


  9. Kay is always fly this is nothin to her. Keep doing your thang Kay and showing these chicks how it is done. The dress is hawt and the vest just brings everything together from the shoes to the bag. Love ya girl, ur def poppin:)

  10. get a doctor in here STAT!!!! he’s flatlining… (I think he’s gone) YESSSSS KAYKAY!!!! GET IT! that ensemble left me COMATOSE!!!! Its funny because this is a average day for her, don’t let the baby get all gussied up and then have the squad behind her… MADNESS!!! ALL IN ALL KAY IS FUEGO!!!!! CT WE GO HARD!~!

  11. Um no, and on soo many levels, I appluad her showing her beautyful curves, but the choice of outfit deserves a ticket from the fashion police, and that pink a** vest? It looks like she really wanted to wear that vest but that it also looks like she couldn’t button up if she wanted to, Hey I am all for freedom of expression no matter what size you are but I am also for females wearing clothing that complements their body type, like I always say just because it’s made in your size does not mean that you should wear it, I’m not saying that pleasant plumb or tantalizing thick chicks have to be cover up I’m just saying that a little discretion is needed at times and as Tim Gunn from Project Runway would say “an editing eye is needed…..Make it work” and that goes for everyone.

    FTR Kay – I absolutely love your “put it all out there” vibe, it seems genuine not forced.

  12. Love the outfit kay, what I like most is you have your own style. 1 negative out of 15 says it all! If you wanna wear a g-string bikini I say rock it its your body! Some individuals are so quick to say something negative about a full figured person. YOU ROCK!!!! and continue to ROCK!!!!!

  13. I both love and hate these daily contests because people are very judgemental over another’s style when fashion is what you make it and not what the majority feels fit to define fashion. But on the other hand I love to see how others express themselves.

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