West Coast reader Kadejah from LA submitted her pix for Fashion Bombshell of the Day:

She says, “My style is staying true to what I like, all the while [distinguishing myself from] everyone else in the world.”

” Sometimes it can be a very growing process to discover who you are as a college student.”

” This generation is so quick [to validate] themselves by picking a title/status, while they are on the journey of self-discovery. But I question “how can you know who you are, while you’re on the road of discovery?“”

“Therefore, I tend to just be true to myself in the moments, and follow my heart with what I want to wear and what feels good.”

” I’m not typical and I’m absolutely okay with that.”

” I also like to think: you should only do what makes you feel good.”

” I also believe that you shouldn’t count on others to make you happy.”

“… It begins and ends with you, with that being said I may wear a furry coat so everyone can look at me, and become amused. That alone will pick my mood up, if I’m feeling down.”

“Life is too short to not do things that are adding to you.”

Um, is that a snake around your neck? Talk about a bold accessory! See more www.kadesmode.com.
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