Yesterday we got a tweet from @JulesiaDesigns saying, “Do you do Caribbean Bombshells or not?” Remembering Pricilla from Guadeloupe and T’wana from the British Virgin Islands, I replied, “We feature Bombshells from Everywhere!” Julesia went on to say, “Checking because I few persons like myself who e-mailed never got a [response] or were never featured.”

Well, alright! Take a look at Julesia from St. Vincent:

She says, “[I’m a] Caribbean Fashion Designer and stylist.”

” Most of what I wear [is] made and designed by me.”

“… My style is very chic , modern and vintage urban wear with a twist of edginess which tells a story about me.”

“[I love] prints and colours…”

“… being from the Caribbean it’s never a fail.”

” I have a Fashion blog about my Fashion Lifestyle. Called ” A Fashionista Name Jules” at”

” Also on facebook at ‘PixieJ’ and Twitter @JulesiaDesigns.”

” Hope you do enjoy my style.”

Ok! I like your lime green top and high low skirt combo.
What do you think of Julesia’s style?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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91 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Julesia from St. Vincent”

  1. I don’t like one single solitary thing she has to offer, it seems very juvenille and random. Maybe she’s 15, IDK, but that’s why fashion is diverse. Do you.

  2. :lol: at the neo-school girl uniform…in a good way though. Usually don’t like grown women dressing like children but that one put a smile on my face. The fringe ‘fit was cute. Def not horrible overall. On to tomorrow…

  3. I don’t understand where she is going with it, but I give her props for putting yourself out here- its not easy…

    Observation- It bewilders me how many bombshells use the same words to describe their styles and its usually the total opposite. I understand fashion is supposed to be based on individuality, but these women end up looking the same to me….

    Also, if everyone had to pay to be a “fashion blogger”, there wouldn’t be as many… Just saying… *le sigh*

  4. Hits and misses. I only like 2 full outfits of the 8. The black and white would have been a hit, but I can’t with the skippies and cosmetic bag masquerading as a purse. I know we love 2-for’s but that wasn’t the right move.

  5. Sadly, I have to agree with the others and say that most of the looks lacked polish and seemed a bit random. I have to also agree with the makeup bag and keds being a bad idea. Luckily she can take some of this critism and tweak her styling a bit. * sidenote: I’m not here for everyone calling themselves a stylist, and I would like for that to stop happening in 2013. Thanks.

  6. BUT JESUS!!! *In my Jamaican accent*

    I really dislike when someone asks me a questions and says: “Do you _____________ or not/what?”
    I always respond with: “Not/What”, depending on what they have asked. I think it’s terribly rude.

    Naw even goin comment ‘bout di clothes.

  7. MAN DOWN. MAN DOWN. Me say man down. Please tell di judge giv me minimum. Rum pum pum pum. REAL STICKY SITUATION here people.

  8. Perhaps Claire never hit her up because she isn’t a bombshell? I saw one cute(ish) fit, but her bad attitude is what really comes through on this post.

  9. So I decided to check out her blog beofre I commented…I think what I had to say before would have been better. Maybe I don’t fully understand her style (or lack there of) but I do understand PLAGIARISM! You can’t “borrow” DIY features and complte articles from a site that isn’t your own, post them to your blog, and not give credit. That is very, very, fake. You could at least show that you tried the DIY’s yourself….Oh and please take the time to edit your blog for spelling errors, I almost feel like a 5 year old wrote some of those post.

    That is all

  10. Vincy in the house!!! There were some hits and misses. Some of the outfits look like it came from Rainbow :(. But in the Caribbean, they don’t have the quality of clothes like we do here in America.

  11. I am of Caribbean origin so please don’t let her style paint all Caribbean fashionistas with the same brush. We know how to bring it(some of us at least).

    But kudos to her for putting it all out there. SMH

  12. With the resources she had been given, she gets an E for effort. What she’s chosen isn’t really my particular taste, but it’s very brave of her to submit her style for judgement by other. Godo for her for being brave and creative.

  13. Her style is young…so it’s not my taste but do you. I’ll say this….I’m learning that weave does ALOT for your appearance…..some of these bombs are sorta cute (or not) but then they put on them dang beach curls and become 10s LOL…..I’m bout to holla at my local chinese lady now……hm

  14. Ok I could forgive misspellings like form instead of from etc, but the word consempt for concept, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES. As a former teacher and now in the field of Communications I hone in on malapropisms, misspellings, incorrect grammar etc(even mine). And she indicated earlier that she was studying for some exam and aced it. Apparently it couldn’t have been English.

    Sweetheart as a fellow Caribbean woman, I would urge you to represent yourself and your country to the best of your ability. Please do not put mediocrity out there.

  15. Yall are hilarious, I always look forward to reading the commentary.

    In regards to the submission I find it to be very underwhelming and the clothes look cheap.

  16. I’m not gonna go in and let have, because she clearly is young. I will try to offer constructive criticism: pay more attention to the fabrics you choose when making AND buying your clothes. Focus on QUALITY and not quantity. Your looks will appear more sophisticated. This extends to your accessories as well.

  17. I find it funny that she sent such a rude tweet and then sends pictures of mediocre outfits. If youre going to hound someone about a feature then you better come with that Rihanna, Beyonce, Gwenyth, Geneviev Jones mashup fly fashion!

  18. Usually I try not to comment when I have nothing nice to say since I’m not one who gets off on catty comments & spicy catchphrases, but I am a little confused by what look(s) she’s going for. The last pic was the best of them all with the hair and the outfit can be salvaged; at least the print. I think she should stick with that style & she’d improve

  19. I usually don’t comment, but this right here is terrible. THEN she had the nerve to come at Claire rude. ctfuu I CAN’T. NEXT!!!

  20. I didnt want to judge, but just went to her blog and ummmm hot mess….my number thing when creating a blog is having good clarity pictures….im so confused.

  21. Hmm. I only like the last pic in the dress. However, it looks like belt is tucked in. Tacky. Mediocre style, maybe that’s why she wasn’t featured earlier. Then again I’ve seen worse then her. On to the next.


  23. Hmmm..I am from the Caribbean as well and I must say that I am very disappointed. I also have a blog (lifestyle) and I am just an island girl pwho loves to dress up. I would never call myself a stylist or fashion blogger…I am a banker for crying out loud!

    I am sorry dear but my advice to you is if you want to be a stylist or fashion designer go to school and learn it the right way. And dont claim any titles until you have rightly earned it!

  24. If you have to demand that Claire features you, you are not a bombshell. You may want to proofread your emails before you send them. You wrote : “Checking because I few persons like myself who e-mailed never got a [response] or were never featured.” You could have written: I ‘m asking because I sent in my pics and I never received a response. Come back next year after you have worked on your style and your entitled attitude.

  25. Not feeling this girls’ look at all! I say this girl pick up a few fashion magazines, research a few blogs and learn more about fashion and how to put pieces together. Hey as the saying goes, “When you know better, you do better” and this girl can do a heck of a lot better.

  26. I have SO much to say about this post and the comments. Ok first, I would like to point out that being that she is NOT from the US or a fashion capital her personal perception or definition of style is going to be different then what we are used to here. She doesn’t see all that we do walking around the streets. Even when I lived in Northern Virginia I experienced this..then moved to a city and began appreciating style completely different.

    With that being said, I think that she has got good taste. Did I vote bombshell? No, because quite honestly it seems generic. My advise to Julesia is not to interpret trends so literally. Yeah okay you see what different “bombshells” or celebrities are wearing here in the States or Paris, London, LA or where ever but what what makes you a fashionista or bombshell is how well you take those trends and twist or manipulate them to fit you. These outfits don’t scream originality or personality.

    Second. Are these photos old? Or does everyone is the Caribbean consistently rock bold/bright colors? I have met a few people from the islands and they dressed very brightly also, so i’m beginning to think it is a cultural thing?

    The bottom two photos were my favorite. The other outfits were decent, but I’m not a fan of the super tiny cheetah may want to consider buying a larger size next time around…its just a number on your tag it means nothing about you.

    I havent checked out the blog and I definitely will once I get out of class lol. But If you are copying D.I.Y projects & posts you have seriously GOT to pay homage where deserved. At the end of the day it just makes you look like an ass and your following won’t grow.

    That is all. ;)

  27. Claire… I see you with those options and all I can do is rooooolllllll. Woo. Okay.

    So… that last picture is great. Clothes, hair, skin, everything. I agree with the other commenters about you stepping up your grammar, because putting yourself out there really does require a bit of tweaking, and if you’re going to put forth something like a blog, people look forward to being able to understand what you write and will read more of what you have to offer in addition to just looking at pics.

    Just a thought.

  28. I don’t like this ladies style or lack of it at all. But, you same people complaining about her elected the even worse candidate yesterday a fashion bomb… don’t know what’s up with you ladies lately………..lmao

  29. Her style isn’t horrible. However hounding someone for a feature with less than stellar photos…. Not ok. I do see many pieces I like, though. I probably wouldn’t wear them exactly like she did. She is a beautiful girl. I wouldn’t trash her, it is what it is. She got what she wanted. Let her live..

  30. she wasn’t featured the first time because she is a disgrace.

    not because she is from the carribean

  31. I felt the need to comment because I am SO upset that she was chosen to represent a fashion bombshell. I don’t even know where to begin but this was all OFF

  32. At the age of 20 years I always seem older than I am. To accomplish so much especially where I grew up and how I grew up with nothing basically. I had to work hard for it and still continuing.
    I might not have the best style as to suit some of you Americans even Caribbean, but am sure proud of it. Some of you say my style is cheap. But I believe it’s some of you same people who find yourself buying the same cheap clothing some even for a 1.00US.
    But guess what I take all the criticisms with pride and am smiling right now, and trust me I so don’t care what other persons have to say about my style. Once am comfortable and confident I will always felt fabulous.
    An me Twitting Claire about not featuring my style is speaking my mind and if anyone took it as me being disrespectful well let it be on your brain I could care less. But I guess a lot you guys thing your fashionable and are fashionistas. Guess what, seeing a celebrity in something and trying it maybe in a similar style its not original style.
    Can I just say living on the small Island where am from, am the only one who has real interest for fashion and style, An if am getting there with know help, then I know ill getting further.

  33. Well I think it’s easy to see why she’s never been featured… Seriously I may stop checking for the Fashion Bombshells because they are too few are far between.

    Claire, can you go back to doing them once a week and just highlight the best dressed? This is getting out of hand!!

    I need some of these fail-shells to start asking their friends if they should submit photos before they do.

    I do like the top on the last photo though!!

    -Still Expressionless

  34. Jules >>>0_o<<< that face is for your response. I'm glad you're taking it well, but you still sound slick to me. Sorry, you asked for it!

    Regarding your submission, I liked the outfit with the neon top and the black and outfit w/the sneakers is decent-minus that "purse".

  35. Oh yeah, I almost forgot–when you feature someone else’s work on your blog it’s common courtesy to not only say where you got the pictures (etc) you also need to link it back to the correct website. The site is called fashionbombdailycom; not the fashion bomb com. You’re welcome :-)

  36. I appreciated the Jules came and defended her style, even though she was snarky, she has a right to be. Some of the commentaries have just been going in, and a lesser women would have came and just started cussing people out. It takes confidence to submit your photos, and conviction to follow up.

  37. I always give some leeway based on region and lifestyle. Given that St. Vincent is a very small country, with a very small population, I would say her style is decent.

    I think she would look out of place if she was to do much more than this on a small island.

  38. Oh and the dear heart posted a comment to us all…how cute.

    @ Jule Alexander: No really if there is blogjacking going on give credit to the blogger….it’s foul not to. And you’re young sweetie…continue to do you…your happiness is all that matters. I think the reason you received so many negative comments it because your tweet/email sent the tone before your style was seen. There is a saying that you can be the finest thang walking but if your attitude is ugly then…you are ugly too in sight. Not calling you ugly but the tweet/email did leave a harsh taste. Anyway live ya life baby girl and keep your head up. If you’re a bomb in your corner of the world then continue to blow up!

  39. Jules….ignore everybody. The people here are pretty intimidating. Continue educating yourself about fashion styles and things like that if u’re really interested in fashion. You will grow!

  40. Typical Caribbean Ppl: bad style, uneducated, horrid attitude (did she really DEMAND to be featured…) and a face that has been beaten with an ugly stick.

    Claire featured her because she knew she would get what she deserved via the comments section. ROFL.

  41. Bad atitude, and the rest has been said. Godnessbeing from a small island is not a passport to look like that. I know ppl in the villages in my country who don’t even know about fashion – who can put together something decent. No child. Go to school first, adjust attitude and then try again. we all want u to win!

  42. Im from the Caribbean, and I am embarrassed that she was so rude.
    All that mouth n “titles” and nothing to back it up.
    If its your passion keep trying and be a lil humble.

  43. Jules did not grow up poor. Her parents gave her everything she ever wanted. She is one of the most fortunate child from her country. She is very stock-up, walks the street kept-up, with no manners in her mouth (does not tell her elders good day), if possible and she can turn her face to the heavens and walk in her heels her will do just that, even if she know she will bump into something.
    Her style, she is no designer, she has nothing to show for it except cutting up cloth and trying to sew. She cannot sew a straight line, after all she machines have guidelines to follow and she still doesn’t. She buys clothes and cut them to suit herself and call that her design, her fashion. You should have seen some of the things this wanna be tried to sew. check the foot of the yellow pants in her pics above. please!

  44. Jules, do you know that your choice of lip colour do not go with your skin tone. And what is up with the shoe with the lace and yes the cosmetic bag. That is shameful.

  45. i think you just want to show case what your $700 dollars per month can put in her closet. that is so nice of you to let us see what you purchased. It is a good thing you did not try to construct the shoes. That would of been a disaster. lol

  46. I’m from the same place as miss julesia she is not a fashionista i know her personally once she is a very stuck up person and she is not poor for sure so i am not sure if she is trying to get you all sympathy with that and our little island have smart sophisticated young people who have a better fashion sense than her like myself and please forgive her for not speaking standard english she was never very bright in class either trust me i would know please jules stop saying u representing our little island when you hardly talk to the people who on it i love my little island and honey your just misrepresenting us so stop it

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