Closing out this week is the lovely Jessica from Houston, Texas:

She says, “I am a 25-year-old professional and I describe my style as “classy sassy chic.””

“… I LOVE accessories and statement necklaces give me life!”

” I shop in a variety of stores, so if it looks fab, I’m buying! Doesn’t matter where it comes from.”

” I try not to ever pay full price for anything, therefore outlet malls, discount boutiques, and luxury discount retailers are my best friends.”

” I love to save money while still looking like a million bucks. :)”

Jessica also has a blog called Would you log on based on these pix? What do you think of her style?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to th************@gm***.com.

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63 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jessica from Houston”

  1. The hair and makeup are on point! I love when darker-skinned women aren’t afraid of color pops in their makeup. I think you’re better at dressing professionally than you are at casualwear, it happens…

  2. I like the tribal print dress accented with the yellow dress. The pink lips are also hot. She is doing it-perfect example of simple style with a little pop. I tire of fashion bombs trying to do too much and getting dressed for a night out or photo shoot. This is real cute, real wear, for real women. Props out!

  3. I love her style. Its simple but ultra classy. Shows You don’t have to over do It or over talk. Her outfits speak volumes and shows she has class and great style. I will definetly be checking her blog out!

  4. Love her style, very well dressed. Love the hair too. This is how you do classy without having uber designer labels present.

  5. i love this. these are great looks that are very ‘wearable’ if you know what i mean. you are stunning!

  6. Fabu!!!! I love the hair and that makeup is just amazing…the outfits are fab!!!! I really like this bombshell!

  7. I agree with Kapri_H, very Southern Belle and lady like. Pretty and it comes off as effortless, which not all can achieve.

  8. She looks great, classy, yet modern, and professional! And she is so cute and (physically) fit she pulls it off an element of sass! Koodles!

  9. Not exactly things I would pick out for myself (I tend toward neutrals and dark colors) but she’s werking it.

  10. Love her style. As so many other commentators have stated, her stlye exudes class but still has spunk to it. The modern everday woman, can completely identify with these looks! Super cute! Kudos to a “normal” fashion bomb of the day….Simplicity works for her!

  11. LOVE her style & she wears it well. her look is definitely “southern belle chic”, she looks fabulous. classy yet sassy indeed.

  12. Classy, real girl real world, style. You don’t have to be tacky and wacky to be fashionable as she clearly proves.

  13. I love all of her looks! She is stylish, chic, has an excellent command of color and isn’t bogged down by an absurd amount of accessories!

  14. This is the first bombshell I have voted “Hot! Definitely a Bombshell!”, her style is professional, yet casual; easily interchangeable from day to night.

    I LOVE IT!!!

  15. Not necessarily my style but I’m not mad at it. I still like her though because she seems like a classy, intelligent and ladylike young woman. Nothing wrong with that!

  16. I loooooooove that Tribal dress and she is well put together. Nothing is over accessorized, ill-fitting, spandex, and trendy. Classic look and effortless style:-)

  17. There’s something very clean and chic about her style. It’s very relate-able. As a fellow southern belle I love this look!

  18. LOVE! You can tell that is actually her style , and that she isnt just posing for the purpose of making it on the site. I really like the blue pencil skirt outfit

  19. Which one of these looks is her “professional” look? These looks are only suitable for date night, weekend or out to dinner look .

  20. NO. All these looks are very SOULFUL (meaning ghetto/country and unstylish. I don’t like it.

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