Today’s Fashion Bombshell is Jelinda from Illinois:


She writes, “I am a fashion blogger and stylist from Decatur, IL! Growing up in such a little town made me stand out as, that one girl with the cool fashion sense!”


“How would I describe my style? I am vibrant, fun, colorful, and definitely a “doing the most” kind of girl! Fashion is about dramatics!”


“I would say my style is fashion with a purpose!”

“In today’s fashion industry, I believe it is important to have a voice! You cannot let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes with a meaning.”
“As you know, we have seen constant violence and injustice lately.”
“Instead of people like Trayvon Martin and Sandra Bland being remembered as a hashtag, I have decided to include their pain in my work.”
“I create purses, jackets, and a variety of pieces that tell their story.”
“It all started when I hand painted a ‘Yeezy Taught Me’ purse, It was literally at that moment that I realized I can show what I am passionate about through clothing!”
Jelinda, I love what you’re doing with your fashion. You’re wearing your purpose and we love it!
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