We’re ending this week with Fatima from Queens:

FBOD-030113-Fatima from Queens
The 24-year-old types, “I like to show up…”

” and show out lol.”

” My style is all about embracing my body…”


“… keeping it sassy…”

“… and simple.”

“… also setting myself apart from others…”

“… while serving all types of fierceness!!!”


Alright! You have a great figure, and showcase it well. My favorite might be that River Island plaid/houndstooth dress!

What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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72 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Fatima from Queens”

  1. Love a woman who flaunts her curves! The blue dress is a beautiful color on you!!

  2. I like that she is fierce and shes not afraid to show off her body. Love the shoes in the first picture

  3. Boo *Throws tomatoes* Great physique but the the quality of her clothes are subpar. UN-original to say the least.

  4. New York in the house!!!! That’s about it…lol..no but she has nice curves!

  5. Pairing tight clothing with heels or boots does not a bombshell make. Great figure.

  6. Lots of ASOS… her clothes fit well for the most part. I’m not wowed, but I’m not disgusted either.

    Big shoutout to the REAL 718!!

    When did we stop smiling? It makes me sad =(

  7. Oh yea… cheap shoes=no ma’am.

    But, she is very pretty and stacked and I can tell her tracks don’t show.

  8. The sizing was off on many of the featured fits even for bodycon. Her gorgeous eyes make up for any lack of smile. Hmm, “smeyezing” maybe? Tasteful, age-appropriate styling in the last two pics.

  9. Going on a shopping spree on Asos and buying every bodycon dress under 40 $ does not make you a bombshell…sorry

  10. I voted hits and misses. I didn’t vote Bombshell because I don’t think she is quite there yet. And I think calling her “basic” is unfair. She has a great body, and a beautiful face but I don’t like the FIT of most of her clothes. I think she would benefit from experimenting with different silhouettes.

  11. bodycon is so not interesting.

    plus, if you wear bodycon stuff it needs to be of good quality. otherwise you just look cheap, esp. when the fabric is a color or print. and who likes looking cheap?

    some of her choices look cheap. if it comes across in the photo, i’m sure it’s evident in real life.

    it annoys me that women think so much of bodycon styles. a lot of times, it’s not even that stylish.

    but whatevs. if she likes it….

  12. No. Made me kind of hate that blue skirt that I also have from Asos. Otherwise, it’s just okay. I feel I see these looks everyday. She looks great in that blue dress though.

  13. I voted not good, but I’ve seen worse. She should experiment with some different silhouettes in her style of clothing as well as heels. I think everything was a little too tight and too forced. Also, those looking up camera shots are so unkind to her. Don’t do that to yourself!

  14. Y’all are some hatin’ a*s b*tches with those Asos comments. You are allowed to hate her looks but taking digs at someone’s economic status? Low blow and all kinds of messy. The irony is most of you surely shop with H&M coupons smh

  15. With that said, I’m not a fan. Too tight and tacky and lacking taste. As Brittany said, everything looks forced. I’ll pass sis.

  16. I can just wish I had that body! I love your figure, only do I not like your style so much, I guess you can’t just please everyone.. :) stay yourself girl!

  17. Hmm…I really wish FBD monitored the out of line comments. Women on here take a risk of getting eaten alive by some of these chicks who don’t even have a picture posted. I think it’s so tacky to really be nit picky just because it’s not your style. Then you have folks who go to damn far. You can still admire someones style even if it’s not your own. I don’t have a issue if folks don’t like the outfits but don’t hide behind a computer saying hurtful stuff.

  18. Straight up that’s a real woman with REAL Hair!!!!! So pretty my sister is lovey, hate on haters

  19. Wait, H&M has coupons?? lol, anywho, I think she’s adorbs. It’s not my personal style, but like she said, she shows up. So many women schlep around life in sweatpants, I admire that even the worst fashion bombs make an effort.

  20. She’s has a great figure, but her style was a hit and miss to me! Nice try though :-)

  21. I love the last dress. I’m surprised at the amount of negative comments. I had to keep scrolling up and looking at her pics. I didn’t think she was bad at all!
    I’m also surprised at the asos comments. I always thought that site had cute stuff. *shrug* If its not asos at the chopping block, then its too much h&m or Zara…but those are the stores that most people can afford. Oh well. Can’t please them all.

  22. Lola… if you’ve got some H&M coupons, please pass them my way. Who said anything about her economic status? If the clothes look cheap, they look cheap. Get out your feelings.

  23. I like the blue maxi dress. That’s it. I think these looks are cheap. Like Strawberry cheap. Sorry.

  24. Queens in the building ! Lol I thought she looked very nice love her looks an she complemented her shape. Very well

  25. This is honestly a goal come true!! Ive followed Fashion Bomb for sooooo long and always wanted to be a Fashion Bombshell!! Thank you Claire!! I appreciate all the beautiful comments like some of you ladies are amazing!! I understand not everyone will appreciate MY PERSONAL STYLE which is why its mine and I OWN IT!!!

    P.S. A lot of you said my clothes look cheap but in the same breath knew where I got my pieces from.. Hmm so I guess cheap knows cheap lol. Stay blessed!!

    Editor & Chic

  26. @ Liz
    Guilty much? lol I must have struck a nerve. If her clothes look cheap, then tell her the clothes look cheap. What’s the point of saying “shopping everyday on Asos does not make you look expensive?” That’s simply tasteless and smacks of malice.

    Let’s see your submission sis.

  27. @Lola
    Since you have so much of an opinion…I would love to see something you can put together…Ms.fashionista!

  28. She could stand to lose a few pounds cause those are fat curves but her style is ok, just a bunch of too tight dresses for someone who needs to tone up.

  29. Great figure and pretty girl, but the dresses look cheap and badly made. Every outfit option is inappropriate for work or school. Surely she doesn’t spend all her time on dates or at the club.

  30. @Lola…

    Nice try. I merely commented that a lot of her clothes are from ASOS, I know… because I SHOP THERE MYSELF. Emily B presumably has more money than the average person (or access to it anyway), is commenting that her clothes are for the large part from ASOS, a dig at her economic status too?

    Yes, “Y’all are some hatin’ a*s b*tches” screams “tasteful” and thoughtfulness.

    I think a lot of these submissions reek of narcissism… and that’s just not my style. That being said, if I ever do submit… it will be fabulous.

  31. I love the blue maxi dress and the black sweatshirt/mini skirt combo. She’s 24. Her clothes should be cheap and trendy. She looks amazing in bodycon, why not?

  32. She has an amazing body, and I like some of the outfits, but wasn’t wowed by her personal style…attractive lady though. This is the GOOD kind of thick/curvy!

  33. No! Just no. The short dress is unnecessary. We don’t need to see your cellulite.

  34. Fatima you look hawt girl!! QUEEENZ!!
    I’d love to see you in something a little looser..but @ 24 you doin it!

  35. She does great when she wears knee length dresses. I’d stray away from the super short hem line dresses. Otherwise, she’s a hit!

  36. LUV! I voted Bombshell! I wish she would’ve worn something like dr marten or chucks with that barking dog outfit (or even those pink leopard print shoes from the other pic) But overall, she killed it!

  37. Yay another Fatima from Queensssss!I loved the blue maxi dress. Work those curves!

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