We’re taking it back international today, with Eva from the UK:

She types, “I’m a student and fashion blogger from London.”

“I wouldn’t know how to describe my style, I just love dressing up.”

” I’d go from rock chick to urban chick…”

“… to glam and sophisticated.”

” I do love my sparkles and spikes though.”

Who doesn’t? Your shoe game is something serious, madame, I’d love to shop your closet! See more at www.vintageeva.com.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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66 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Eva from London”

  1. I would be DOWN for the count for most of these outfits if there wasn’t like one small thing off. (I.e. 2nd outfit: the camo shirt’s fit is off, the 3rd outfit: the hair distracts me, the last outfit: jean’s are too tight, makes em look like forever 21 or wetseal-esque.)

    I think she def has style just needs refinement of the overall picture.

  2. Alot of her pieces are nice. Its just that they all don’t necessarily “go” together. Its almost like her aesthetic is to throw on anything considered “fashionable” assuming it’ll all look good. Her looks just aren’t cohesive.

  3. i like it. its just something about her that makes it better. even though if i had saw it on someone else i woulh have thought mediocre. i think its because its truly her personal style and not someone being trendy

  4. Nice shoes.

    There are some pieces I do love…the bag in the first pic is just delicious…but what of the rest of the outfit? I can’t appreciate the jacket because I can’t really see it…just a winded out version of a side glass…what do you pants look like? The top? Or are we to just appreciate the red bottom shoes….

    Like the cargo pants and heels, but more could be done up top…you have a great figure.

    I like the patterend skirt and the purple heels and the I also like the jacket in the last pic.

  5. I like most of her looks especially the skirt combo, the last one is not may fave but she is very stylish IMO.

  6. Like all of her looks except the last one. Claire – no link to her blog? Interested in perusing.

  7. Cute pieces.

    Fashion is open for interpretation so she wears it one way while someone would wear it another. It doesn’t make anyone more ‘right’ than the other. Great shoes & I saw some accessories that were pretty cool. I’d rock it differently but again, doesn’t make my way better; just to suit my style

  8. I am not going to comment of the style because I am learning that arena myself just by be on this site. I will say the clutch is awsome, You have a nice shape and your clothes fit you well.

    I voted bombshell………

  9. i agree w/sheree. i liked a lot of her individual pieces, just not the way she executed them together. i wish she would’ve faced the camera in the 1st pic where she’s wearing the coat thingy piece. as a matter of fact, i wish that future bombshells (girls & guys) would stop trying so hard to look as if they’re in a real fashion shoot & just let us see the pieces they are wearing. sometimes the way that they are standing/sitting so awkwardly as if they’re on ANTM makes it difficult to see the pieces they want us to see.

  10. you have some really cute pieces, but at times they just don’t go well together. One (or a couple) of statement pieces per outfit is suffice. Your shoe game is on point though.

  11. I actually really like this Bombshell – great shoes, and even though I wouldn’t necessarily wear her outfits the way she did, it ‘worked’ for me the way she put it together. She noted that she was a fashion blogger – was her site posted? I’d like to hopefully see more front angles of her looks b/c almost every shot was from the side. Voted Bombshell though.

  12. True bombshell & A girl after my own heart. She loves quality shoes so do I, makes the whole outfit. She looks great in every pic. Be careful girl the com mentors on the FBD don’t like ladies in with high end accessories…..

  13. Nope! I’ll get at you all in a lil bit. Im going in the archives and find the names of some true bombshells so these wannabes can take note. Just because you pair odd, different and mismatched pieces together, doesn’t make you fashionable. There a method to it.

  14. These London chicks love their labels not mad at all. Not a fan of the outfits but love the shoes and accessories!

  15. I voted bombshell but I love the pieces that she’s wearing (all of them really!) more than the way that she has put it all together and despite the fit of some pieces.

    Nevertheless, it’s a nice way to start the week. She’s clearly having fun with fashion.

  16. I may be in the minority but I liked it. She didnt re-invent the wheel or anything but I like the interpretation. * Shrugs and reminds self to submit to be a fashion bomb*

  17. What is her job? I see soo many women with designer shoes and what not but their hair game looks atrocious! I dont get it!

  18. I’m not inspired but her shoe game is en pointe! I’m not a fan of Louboutin’s though. No shoe should cost that much and be that uncomfortable.

  19. Checked out her blog and she really does have a good sense of style. I just wish she’d smile more often in the pics because that “stink face” does her no justice. Too pretty for that face girl!

  20. LOL Kitana, you are right about the reaction to high priced shoes and accessories. I liked her aesthetic, agree with many that I may have styled things a bit differently but she has a lot of VERY nice pieces. I did think she had some better looks on her blog. She actually has some really nice (non-louboutin) shoes on her blog.

  21. @Anon, thanks for sharing the recap of the 2011 Bombshells. There were so many in 2012 – can’t wait to see how this year rounds out. As for Eva from London – cute and you can wear a mean heel.

  22. I love it! Very distinctive and creative but not overboard. I thought she did well with the shoe choices. A lot of bombs lately have failed on shoes alone.

  23. I love her style!! It’s trendy and done right. Mixed prints, camo/miitary, spikes, stripes, she’s checked them all off the 2012 trend list. Loved the red pumps (I think those are LB’s?) with the military outfit, it was an unexpected surprise.

  24. Finally Claire… A bombshell. Great pieces and her own style. Not something taken directly out of a magazine. She was perfected

  25. While I do think shoes elevate your game…I am not sure I like all of these looks. The first one is very fashion forward and great. And I like that studded cap a lot.

  26. You Can Wear $1200 Shoes, Doesn’t Mean Anything!!! If Your Hair Is A Mess And Your Clothes Don’t Look Polished, Your Not Accomplishing Anything. Sorry.

  27. I’ve seen the beige mac and the skirt on some other “london” ladies blog, I’m getting deja-vu here. Nice shoes anyway, thats allI got

  28. @anon 2:02PM

    I can’t lie, you are on point with that post…the 2011 best bombshell list was truly on point.

  29. It’s so funny looking at all of the comments on this site recently! So much negativity coming from individuals that aren’t even in the industry! These creative fashionistas drive upcoming trends. What people fail to realize is that there will always be radicals. Take jeremy scott’s designs for example…all of that shit is CRAZY! But he is extremely successful. Yet once you remove the cost exclusive pricing, and celebrity backing then ALL of the sudden his designs or looks would be “messy” or “executed incorrectly”. Not everyone dresses like a conservative trend follower. It takes balls to dress like an individual!
    In the words of Marilyn Monroe: “If I’d observed all the rules I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.”

  30. She’s not a bombshell but I definitely see potential! This is the closest i have seen to a bombshell in months.
    She has some great individual pieces, however, i think that many of the outfits would work better if certain pieces were interchanged with others.

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