We’re closing out this week with a bang, thanks to the fabulous Eny from LA:

She was nominated by her friend Linda, who writes, “Eny has an impeccable sense of fashion!”

” She can even throw on a trash bag and make it look beautiful.”

” She’s a huge fun of vibrant colors and to me, it represents her outgoing nature really well.”

” I love the fact that she’s able to pick any item of clothing and turn it into her own unique style!”

“I can’t wait for her to find out that she’s been chosen for a feature!”

” You can see more of Eny on her personal blog www.styleestadiaries.blogspot.com.”

Agreed, she is lovely. She strikes a nice balance between funky and soft sophistication. Thumbs up!
What do you think of today’s Bombshell?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 2-6 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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42 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Eny from LA”

  1. She a pretty girl, and got legs for days. I like her pieces, its all about the details; especially that jade (?) necklace. I need that necklace stat!!

  2. I likey a lot!!! Very soft and fem. Not to much, she gives just enough to make the pieces work. I wouldn’t due black tights with everything though.

  3. Pretty nice. Not feeling the plaid/stripes combo, but everything else is cute. Love her lil’ side part, and those green shoes were a nice, unexpected touch.

  4. I am loving her style. Claire summed it up very well funky with a touch of sophistication. I like all her outfits because you can see her personality shine right through and that’s what fashion is all about

  5. I love her! I love her outfits especially the outfit with the green shoes!

    My only qualm is that I want more photos!

  6. Dope style! L.A. girls seldom get it wrong (in my opinion) coming from the mouth of a Brooklyn girl.

  7. She looks great! Yes..some looks have been seen before..IN A MAGAZINE. When you guys say that about some people I’m scratching my head like “Where are you seeing people who own style like this on the reg?” I’ve been all over the world and people with a super cute style that they own (like this girl) are not often seen. Not saying you never see them…but not often. Her pic in the jeans and the one with the plaid look like tears from Nylon.

  8. Hell yeah,glitter girl!!!She is superdope!Gorg face and model body,shorty is all that!Its so funny bc the ppl that have the most to say on this site,look a HAM!

  9. She’s cute :) I love those leather shorts she had on and that plaid look was everything keep it up Eny

  10. Love ! Love ! Love ! Fashion is all about making heads turn, I’m sorry she does distract and cause people to wonder, boring ? Nope not at all

  11. I lover her signature bracelets and her style is cool, some simple and nice and the other unique and edgy.

  12. Love how she shows everyday wear and something to step out in as well. She does not look like she is trying to hard looks very natural and not the usual I bought this outfit and then submitted pictures lol. However I’m not feeling the plaid and stripes combo pass on that! But other than that thumbs up!!! :)

  13. I think she looks beautiful in the brown slacks and green shoes, with the nude embroidered sweater.

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