Today’s Bombshell is Edwina from Queens:
Fashion Bombshell Of The Day-030413-Edwina from Queens
She says, “I’m a beginner fashion blogger ( originally from Haiti but currently residing in Queens, NY.”
” I’ve always loved everything fashion, all colorful things, and I also have an insane obsession with high heels.”

” That is why I decided to start a blog as an avenue to express myself through my style…”

“…and hopefully not only inspire but also influence my readers in the process.”

” My style is very colorful no matter the season which goes to show that I tend not to follow trends but rather wear what makes me comfortable.”

“I am a devoted Fashion Bomb Daily reader and it’ll be an honor to be featured on your site :)”

“Thank you for considering my pictures.”


No problem! Loving the colors here. You know what you like, and you make it work.
What do you think?

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39 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Edwina from Queens”

  1. I see potential, butI I think her looks come off as cheap. Making the inexpensive look expensive and stylish is the key.

  2. what!?!?! are you guys crazy she is definitely a bombshell! fun and colorful! good job Miss Edwina!

  3. Ok style. Great body that can look great in anything so I appreciate the fact she isn’t featured half-naked. Classy, current and age-appropriate. Best fit: high-waisted denim. Caution: being matchy-matchy. Maybe it’s an off shoot of being from the islands but not everything needs to be so thought out (e.g. lipstick matching purse matching shoes).

  4. No thanks. There’s too much going on, too many old trends and the look is generally unpolished. She seems very young, so that’s undertandable. Forge on fashionista! She’s cute as a button though.

  5. Fave look: sweater, destroyed denim. I see some major potential and can’t wait to see what she has to offer in the coming months! LOVE the colors.

  6. I definitely see some potential! Sometimes there’s too much going on in one outfit, and then it crashes everything. Good job though! :)

  7. I agree with sun.kissed her style is matchy matchy. Maybe she could try complementary colors and invest in a color wheel in order to find more color combinations. Other than that, her style is cute. My favorite outfits are: the patch sweater with the distressed jeans and the outfit with the black floral.

  8. petit petit sake pase laaaaaaa…..horrible

  9. the blue jacket look is nice.

    i think for some of her looks it’s just too much going on – too many textures, too much jewelry, too much color, etc. in one piece.

    the hat look – you’ve got the high boots with texture on the back, the orange sweater with the heathered look and the studs at the shoulders, the black tights, the mustard mini skirt, the animal print bangle, black hat with some sort of silver colored buckle on it. this is all a lot. imo, it’s too much. all of that together cheapens her look.

    pretty lady though.

  10. I swear weave is the #1 outfit killer. Cute girl. She’d be even cuter if the pounds of fake hair were hiding her face and bone structure.

  11. there are more colors here than I’m used to but I think it works. Matchy matchy always spells trouble and are highwaisted jeans really outdated…I just bought an acid wash pair (havent worn yet), maybe I’ll wear as regular jeans. #forshame

  12. I voted some hits some misses.. best fit: orange top with burgundy/maroon jeans, and the one with the spiky sweater/ripped jeans is cute too

  13. She proved my point that orange and purple can be worn together. It just takes a brave fashion soul to do so. I actually thinks she does dress for her shape. I think she could pay more attention to editing her looks, but she is definitely a bombshell.

    SN: High waisted pants/jeans are a re-emerging trend. It may not be a trend dictated by the fashion powers that be however some stores have them in stock for the Spring.

  14. No different than the every day chick that stays shopping 4v21, rainbow target, dots and gets the 50 dollar sew in.

    Not fashion, just trend on top of trend

  15. theres definitely potential. She will just have to work her way up towards better pieces! she can do it she has vision!!

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