Today’s Bombshell? Delieny from Jersey City, New Jersey:
She writes, “If I had to put a title to my style it would be Chic Minimalist.”
” When I was younger around early 20’s I used to want to make a statement with what I wore. I wore loud colors, and interesting pieces (to say the least), I really didn’t know what my style was or what I was trying to express with my outfit choices.”

” After a few years of wacky outfits, I found myself in my late 20’s looking back at pictures and saying, “WTF was I thinking?!””


“That “WTF” moment was a turning point for me, stylistically.”

” I never wanted to look back at myself and be embarrassed for what I wore, and it’s one of the guides I have given myself when shopping, will I look back at this and regret it?”

” If I have the slightest inclining towards yes, I put it down. Don’t get me wrong it’s okay to follow trends, but I keep it clean, classic and chic (3 C’s).”


Clean, classic, and chic? Great words to style by.
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