Finishing this week is Daunea from Florida:

She says, “I am a fashion stylist-editor-buyer from Fort Lauderdale, FL, currently residing in Atlanta, GA.”

“..I would describe my style as thespian:”

“I have different style characters that live within me.”

” I dress according to particular style character that surfaces that day.”

” I love to stand out, be fly & comfortable!”

Love that yellow dress! My only humble suggestion: just say no to leggings as pants.
What do you guys think?


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61 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Daunea from Florida”

  1. The kids are going to love this unitard from AA is a fav, and w the letterman’s jacket, it’s dope. The yellow dress is cute, the wigs are less than stellar. The boots are to die for but that blouse she’s wearing underneath is not..and not crazy about that vest either..Once she stops looking at mags on how to put fits together she’ll be fine. Homegirl has a little shoe game too! lol

  2. @ Savage, people are told to look at magazines to see how to put together outfits… What’s the difference between copying from a magazine, and copying from the runway?

  3. @ Indigo when you use a mag for a play by play on how to manufacture a whole style, that’s how you look..manufactured. There’s a big diff between copying and getting inspiration. Just bc one copies doesn’t make one stylish..I mean just be I can trace doesn’t mean I can draw.

  4. I can’t say I’m feeling her overall style, but she has some good pieces. I think she should only focus on a few of her ‘characters.’

  5. Would’ve loved to see more variety outside of the tight fitted clothes. Also 2nd the leggings are not pants suggestion. Irks me when I see women regardless of size wearing leggings as pants. Overall, can’t say that I dislike her style. Decent effort.

  6. She’s an adorable girl I like the letter jacket but I don’t know if the material of the dresses are that flattering on anyone. I see a few key pieces that could work well if incorporated with different things.

  7. Cute girl. I, too, would have loved to see more variety besides the fitted, tight look. I do love the yellow dress and it looked amazing against that gorgeous complexion of yours.

  8. One Word: DISAPPOINTED! As soon as I scrolled I got immediately annoyed…..smh. I dont even like the yellow dress…..What is that fur from? The dragon in The never ending story? But work what you love hunny! Thats all you!

  9. Wait 1st lets be clear leggings can be pants but I think the shirt choice is what needs to be addressed. If you are going to where leggings as pants then please wear a tunic length shirt or blouse.

  10. Amen to that Claire. Say no to leggings as pants….I don’t when some fameles will let go of the whole leggings trend. Give it a rest already!

  11. Some hits & misses. I’m not understanding her description of her style as “thespian.” There’s nothing dramatic about her clothing whatsoever. And ditto to everyone’s sentiment about leggings as pants. It looks crude. No one should see the outline of your business through your pants.

  12. I see a bunch of tight club-looks, not style. I am h/e a fan of the yellow dress. Regarding the leggings debate, I am of the camp that one should have the body for them, and the top should fall several inches below one’s rump. My $0.02.

  13. More like MONO-thespian…I fail to see the characters she speaks of, nonetheless, she looks well put together, style is just casual, everyday what you see on the streets.

  14. For the profession she claims she’s in, this is a disappointment. Just the average college-girl-going-to-the-club looks. Not a woman who is mature in her fashion choices and has a defined style. Nice starting point, but keep working…

  15. What is with negativity over leggings?! I don’t think leggins are a ‘trend’ -they’ve become basic staples like jeans! What’s wrong with wearing them as trousers[pants]?? The key is no camel toe, like the key with jeans is to have them fit properly…

  16. I didn’t like a single look. Makeover is needed stat. She has the body to pull off leggings. The shoes and boots, I just can’t…..If you absolutely must wear weave invest in good hair, and a good weavologist good grief.

  17. LDN 80’s

    November 4, 2011 5:23 pm

    What is with negativity over leggings?! I don’t think leggins are a ‘trend’ -they’ve become basic staples like jeans! What’s wrong with wearing them as trousers[pants]?? The key is no camel toe, like the key with jeans is to have them fit properly…
    Women with spongebob bodies don’t like to see curvy (not fat) women in them because, well, leggings can be very flattering on the right person.

  18. She’s adorable! I love the yellow dress, and I also love the lacy dress in the first picture. I don’t even mind the leggings-as-pants thing because she looks gorgeous in them, so if she wants to, she should.

  19. lol@NicoleS

    “What is that fur from? The dragon in The never ending story?” I’m still laughing.

    Like some of the pieces. Dislike: the dresses, fur vest, leggings as pants and the glasses though they look better than other oversized glasses.
    Seems like everyone’s a stylist.

  20. I’m sorry but I’m not feeling it. That yellow dress looks like a tacky baseball. Everything else looks cheap. The letter jacket is cool, but it looks like she’s about to burst out the shirt and pants under it.

  21. That letterman is from Forever 21. I bought it for my 16 year old sister. I like the yellow dress. Ok style.

  22. the only nice piece of clothing is the yellow dress

    her hair is nice. skin looks good.

    but this is the fashion bomb h**, so dont be mad when people say you dont know what fashion is.

    cause it sure as hell aint what you are wearing in these pictures.

  23. Heyyyy I have that same letterman jacket, in both pink and green from Forever 21. Anywho, cute looks but honestly nothing I’m too excited about. But very cute.

  24. I dont see anything amazing here , quite honestly . she dresses like any other girl in a NYC nightclub .

  25. I was not aware that you shouldn’t wear leggings as pants. For the most part I think for her age she is styling, especially in the south.

  26. My first thought: Cute Second: Love the yellow dress Third: Work it girl! Really fun. And nice choices in hair.

  27. And people should stop going so DAMN HARD on her hair! Like seeesh! Your hair looks nice! lol

  28. the outfit with the leggings is my favorite (i guess). I don’t have a problem with her wearing leggings as pants. Nothing but admiration for her amazing body :)

  29. keep it real! club looks and boring. so many girls from flordia can’t dress to save their life.

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