Today we have a third time Bombshell!
Though she’s changed locations (from Atlanta to Dallas, and now to San Francisco), her style is hard to forget. Take a look at Chastity’s latest snaps:
Fashion Bombshell of The Day-043013
She writes, “I take chances, but love classic styles and pieces.”
00 Chastity from Dallas
“I take inspiration from architecture, inspirational women, and just my surrounding environment.”

Chastity from Dallas 123
” One day I could be inspired by industrial design, the next day Cher could be in my head, or I just might really be attracted to a certain color.”

Chastity from Dallas 0
” I approach boundaries by seeing how I can tear them down and making the extreme work for me, but in a polished way.”

Chastity from Dallas 1
” I know that some feel that plus size and stylish are two terms that don’t belong in the same sentence…”

Chastity from Dallas 4
“… but I almost feel my sole purpose is to dispel that myth and [show] that style is democratic..”

Chastity from Dallas 5
“… all inclusive…”

Chastity from Dallas 8
“… and there for the taking…if you want it.”

Chastity from Dallas
Preach, sister! Your style has always been and will continue to be absolutely fabulous!
See Chastity’s past entries here and here, and check out her blog for more snaps.
What say you?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, head-to-toe pictures to Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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199 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Chastity from San Francisco”

  1. Absolutely love it!! I am a petite girl and I have small legs, and it bothers me when people say, “You are so skinny”! But then I realized this the only body I have, and I am not getting another one so I better go ahead and dress this one the way I want!! You are smoking hot boo!!! Love it!

  2. Yes, Hunny!!!! I love her style!!!!! I use to visit her blog all the time!!! I think it is harsh to say that someone will die by 40 and that no man wants to be seen with her. I believe that she is married and she is very beautiful. She has been taking steps to lose weight as well, but instead of knocking each other down, let’s build them up!!! I am 95 lbs (and average weight for my size 4’10) and people will always comment on how small I am (and tell me I need to eat), so people will always have something to say! Do you! You look beautiful!!!!

  3. Loved all of her looks except the white peplum but she gets a bombshell of the day. Amd some people need to get their life so tired of the faux concerns and Internet -doctors.

  4. FABULOUS! It’s super unnecessary to comment on her weight. This fake concern for her health when you don’t know her from a can of paint needs to stop. If anyone thinks they are the first to tell this young lady her weight is unhealthy,or that its the comment of a STRANGER that is going change her life, I urge you to reevaluate. obesity is unhealthy, we know this. however…This is a blog about FASHION and STYLE,and for the most part, she has a distinct and fabulous style

  5. I still stand by the fact that we’re dealing with a major epidemic when it comes to obesity and other related health concerns and I strongly believe that we should be taking a stance against obesity rather than promoting it. That being said, there’s no doubt that today’s fashion bomb has a great sense of style and knows how to put her pieces together. Look #2 & #3 is a little distracting as the clothes don’t fit as well, but overall she killed the looks.

  6. love looks 4, 6, 7 & 8. she is killing it in that varsity jacket & black skirt. werk!

  7. She looks great, I love all the looks! This is the most comments I’ve seen on a Bombshell post. I hope no one said anything negative about her.

  8. Okay. African American women are #1 for Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Attacks. Fine everyone cant be a size 6, but I find it difficult to believe this is her natural weight. Is it possible that she is eating too much?? Loving yourself means eating healthy. African American women are the only group of women in the United States that are encouraged to be fat, and it is killing us. C’mon sistas

  9. the varsity and the white jumpsuit take me to a good place. i like that she was sexy and daring enough to wear the jumpsuit and exaggerate what is already there. #bowdown

  10. These comments make me sad. She’s probably really cool. She’s pretty and has great style.

  11. I still stand by the fact that we’re dealing with a major epidemic when it comes to obesity and other related health concerns and I strongly believe that we should be taking a stance against obesity rather than promoting it. That being said, there’s no doubt that today’s fashion bomb has a great sense of style and knows how to put her pieces together.

  12. I come home from a 12 hour shift at work and this is the bs I gotta read on one of my favorite blogs. WTF is wrong with some of you people. Can a fat chick get some praise for being pretty much on point with her style and doing her damn thing. She dresses better compared to women of all sizes I see on a daily basis. I’ve been to her blog a few times and she inspires me to keep steping my damn game up. She’s help connect my size 18 ass to some really awesom websites that serve some fly plus size clothing. Can a chick be fat and fly without having to have alibi? damn! Do you ma! you working it! half these chicks just wish they could get all the shine you get for being so well polished,educated, and just FLY! You should see some women that submit their fashion bomb pics and they think that they so HAWT(ROLLING MY EYES) cause they got cute bodies and tight ass trendy outfits on. That don’t mean nothing! it’s not your size that make you stylish. It’s the cut and fit of your clothing. It’s taking risk and giving people new ideas on patterns, prints, and colors that nobody would think could go well together. Keep reaching for the stars! and throw dust on them haters!

  13. I think Chastity looks fab with style and grace!! Please ignore the ignorance and the rudeness of these twitches. Since when did you all become health educators?

  14. Her weight took away from some of her pieces i’m sorry but if your plus size you should not be wearing outfit that show rolls. Health and beauty goes hand and hand.

  15. She definately represents.. Her style is great at any size.. I have two very plus sized girlfriends, both are very happily married. For these fake a** concerned heffers, please go play in traffic, if you really wanted to encourage your comments wouldn’t be so detestable. Lonely hateful women = Internet thugs, I wonder how they clean their filthy hearts and minds.
    I definately voted bombshell.

  16. Some lady went slam off about the comments on this post. First, I gave her a Bombshell rating. She looks cute but keeping it 100 everything she’s wearing is pretty basic. Nothing to write home about. I am not trying to be disrespectfully, I am being honest. There are people who submit their photo of same basic attire and they don’t get half the accolades. I don’t see a plus size sister any different than an average girl when it comes to fashion. Yes, as I said I gave her the top rating for the same reason everyone else did. It came from a place of pity, I am not so sure if this is something this big girl wants or deserves.

  17. She definitely has a lot more style than many of the other bombshell posts. However, her size is very distracting. The first thing you notice about her is her weight. As I said before, when you are morbidly obese, it doesn’t matter how fashionable you are, people will always notice how big you are first. This lady is not only plus size but morbidly obese. It is very distracting and while I should be focusing on her style, I’m wondering how on earth a woman could allow herself to get that big. If she is seriously trying to lose weight than kudos to her. Those of you who celebrate being big need serious help. It is nothing to celebrate and maybe you need to hear some of these comments to inspire you to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

  18. She worked it.

    On another note, Claire, please enact some sort of comment flagging, spam control on this websote

  19. *website. I’m disgusted by these faux-doctors, nutritionists, confidence destroyers, and fake concern. Nope, nope. It’s out of control. Not at all inclusive, safe, or friendly.

  20. That girl has STYLE. And apparently her style evolution only gets better with time. BOMBSHELL.

  21. @Eat.Style.Play you are so right. People that are commenting on her weight are being just damn rude. Rude as hell. It’s none of your business. Unsolicited advice is never welcome. This is a fashion blog, cut it out.

  22. LOVE!!! She’s very put together and actually wears clothes that flatter her, be gone bodycons!

  23. @Tiffany: why should Claire have to enact some sort of flagging or spam control on this website? The problem with the society we live in is that we are so sensitive when it comes to constructive criticism, especially that concerning weight. Yes, this is a Fashion Blog, but if one’s weight prevents or gets in the way of whatever statement one is trying to make with fashion, we should just sit idle and not say anything? We should beat around the bush or pretend that weight isn’t an issue and continue embracing the so called, “Body Acceptance” movement? I agree that some of the comments on here may be a bit harsh, but we can’t continue to deny that weight isn’t often an issue when it comes to some of the postings on Fashion Bomb.

  24. Ok, so my thoughts are:
    Of course Chastity is fabulous! She’s pretty, shapely, and chooses items that suit her.
    That said, noone can ignore the elephant in the room: her. It’s hard to focus on her clothes when assessing her size.
    Those asking for moderated comments: why? Claire can’t keep the world silent. Noone can control internet or real life bullying. And do you think this is the first time Chastity has heard these things?
    This is her third time submitting to this site. She knows what beasts she’s dealing with. She clearly has enough confidence to put herself out there and take the comments, good or bad!

  25. One thing that people fail to realize is that, her weight may be out of her control. It could be hormonal, thyroid or medication related etc. We also shouldn’t be so quick to assume that a person is morbidly obese by choice. With certain health conditions; even exercise and eating less will not help. THE POINT IS WE DON’T KNOW THE CAUSE, SO WE SHOULDN’T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE!

    With that said, you are a gorgeous woman with great style!

  26. She has obviously style! She know’s her figure and works with it. Though she is big, she is also quite shapely and does a wonderful job emphasizing the right spots.

    We all come in different sizes. Yes, I agree health should be our first priority but this is a site about fashion and she has shown us that she knows fashion, I loved every piece on her. More so, I would wear it at my size!

    Get it girl.

  27. What many people fail to realize, is that sometimes being obese or overweight may just be out of one’s own control. It does not necessarily mean that she overeats or does not exercise. It could be hormonal, thyroid, or medication related etc. THE POINT IS, WE DO NOT KNOW, SO WE SHOULD NOT BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE.

    Needless to say, you are a gorgeous woman with a great sense of style!

  28. *rant* It’s not about celebrating being big, it’s about not denigrating someone because of it. Someone mentioned that Black women are #1 in diabetes, obesity and heart disease- we are also #1 for depression which is at least strongly associated with the prior two and a risk factor for the latter. The obesity epidemic is a multifactoral issue, and in my experience, people make bigger strides in weight loss when they feel confident and capable.

    Regarding voting for plus size people out of pity: I’m sure it happens, but I doubt that most people do. Just like I’m sure some people get bombshell votes, undeservingly, because they have hot bodies. I’ve definitely seen that. *endrant*

  29. I’d LOVE to hear her response to the subject at hand. Would be nice to have her reply as a post on this blog.

  30. The outfits with the stripped flared skirt and the printed bra-let and skirt were the bomb bomb bomb!!!!

    I think her weight needs to be left alone, she is confident and comfortable in her own skin and she wears great outfits that complement he figure.


  31. Yes @DKNY is very insensitive to ask how does she shower, but YOU PLUS SIZE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are soooooo fuggin annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes bolster their egos in love … but show correction in love.

    AND THE GLARING issue here is her weight. Not her fashion. I went back to her previous post and it is evident she has gained weight .

    @EatPrayLove … I love your blog but please NEVER EVER Again say something so blatantly ignorant as to say the fact that she has a beautiful waist to hip ratio would take Mrs. Beautiful Chastity out of category “at Risk”. BMI is another health variable used to calculate AT Risk. Via her youtube videos and blog Chastity identifies her weight is problem. Chastity Love, continue to make strides in Fashion and Fitness, Wish you the absolute best of luck (it aint easy)!!!! RIP Amber Davis


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