Today we have a third time Bombshell!
Though she’s changed locations (from Atlanta to Dallas, and now to San Francisco), her style is hard to forget. Take a look at Chastity’s latest snaps:
Fashion Bombshell of The Day-043013
She writes, “I take chances, but love classic styles and pieces.”
00 Chastity from Dallas
“I take inspiration from architecture, inspirational women, and just my surrounding environment.”

Chastity from Dallas 123
” One day I could be inspired by industrial design, the next day Cher could be in my head, or I just might really be attracted to a certain color.”

Chastity from Dallas 0
” I approach boundaries by seeing how I can tear them down and making the extreme work for me, but in a polished way.”

Chastity from Dallas 1
” I know that some feel that plus size and stylish are two terms that don’t belong in the same sentence…”

Chastity from Dallas 4
“… but I almost feel my sole purpose is to dispel that myth and [show] that style is democratic..”

Chastity from Dallas 5
“… all inclusive…”

Chastity from Dallas 8
“… and there for the taking…if you want it.”

Chastity from Dallas
Preach, sister! Your style has always been and will continue to be absolutely fabulous!
See Chastity’s past entries here and here, and check out her blog for more snaps.
What say you?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, head-to-toe pictures to Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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199 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Chastity from San Francisco”

  1. Annnddd…SCENE! This is it, don’t wanna see no other plus-sized bombshell, she did it! Off the hook fabulous!! Everything was on point…I’m inspired! Love it girl!!

  2. LOVE it! Her shape is da BOMB, & to 1st 1 on here to comment you otta line sayin waiting for everyone to go in about her weight… Bombshells come in ALL shapes & sizes, & she did that!

  3. She is very stylish…but she needs to wear a bra in the all white harem pant outfit and the first pic of white peplum top and coral skirt while the outfit is nice my eyes couldn’t escape her arms. I mean I have broad shoulders as well so that pose wouldn’t help to slenderize my broadness!

  4. @dkny…why does her wight bother you? It apparently doesnt bother her as she seems quite confident. “How does she keep herself clean” …I mean how do you?

  5. Great style And your confidence is admirable. Please take charge of your health though :-).
    You are too fabulous to be a casualty of premature illness or worse

  6. Hey from across the Bay! Well I work in SF but hey! lol

    Lovely looks! Especially the striped black and white skirt. Too cute. There were maybe two that I didn’t care for but the rest made me forget!

    And die before 40? Y’all are just ridiculous.

  7. First of all this is a Fashion Blog not a health blog. If you follow her blog you would know that she works out and that she is active. She is bottom heavy which has been shown to NOT be a risk factor. It’s when you carry a ton of weight in you mid section that is bad. She is fine, and again this is NOT a health blog for you all to suggest that anybody lose weight, or tell her that she is going to die if she doesn’t lose the weight. That’s out of line and not folks’ place to say. I honestly only come on here to support bloggers that I know have amazing style but sometimes some of you have the most vile things to say about people who submit pictures and that is NOT the point of Fashion Bomb Daily.

  8. Best plus size Bombshell Ive seen. Classic pieces, well fitted, she dont look like she squeezed in clothing. Simply Fab. Inspiring for plus size girls like myself, even if I’m not as large as her. Werk

  9. She is beautiful. I’m wondering if she is as talented dressing other people as she is dressing herself? Because I could use some tips, not gonna lie.

    Regarding her weight: we really don’t know much about this woman besides what she has decided to show us. I’m sure that she is more aware than anyone that she is overweight, any comment we make regarding the ‘how’s and ‘whys’ of it is purely speculative- just seems best not to go there. She, her family, and her physician can worry about her health. As for her style: I vote bombshell :)

  10. I never comment on anyone’s comment but that “dkny” comment was pure filth. There’s a fine line between opinionated and flat out nasty.

  11. My comment is gone but in a nutshell. I litreally stopped coming on here because some of you are so vile when it comes to commenting. If you take some time to read before you judge or check out her blog you would know that she is on a health kick. Saying that someone needs to lose weight to look better in clothes is out of line, saying that she won’t live to 40 is OUT of line! I come on here to support and comment for bloggers that I love who are real! Leave your nasty comments about her weight to yourself. That is not the point of this blog! That her journey and it’s not for you to put your two cents into or insult her!

  12. I love the last 3 Black and White looks. Regardless of size, these were executed superbly. Well done.

  13. @Dkny is probably bitter, miserable, and lonely. Garnerstyle was wonderful enough to share her wedding photos. Her husband, if I recall correctly, is a Dr. There goes your theory.

  14. Nobody wants to make her feel bad about herself, but anyone at that size is simply out of control. Who cares if she has a waistline, that wont save her from complications related to being a large woman. If she is trying, I would tell her congrats and stay at that gym honey, it will do wonders for your health. Sometimes your weight does take away from your style. Hers does!

  15. If he is a doctor, shame on him to allow her to remain that size. I don’t celebrate FAT! I celebrate those that love themselves enough to never get that BIG! Have a great day ladies.

  16. Every-single-time…you serve. You are very chic, stylish, and its your energy that allows you to make the statement you’ve been making across the internet. Well done.

  17. @DKNY and she is happily married to an amazing man. And her weeding style slayed, too.

  18. I love Chastity’s style. My favorite thing about her blog is that she doesn’t stuff herself in cheap mess and Goodwill finds that don’t fit, trying to make a statement. She wears HER SIZE and she doesn’t skimp on what she purchases. Sooo my Nutritionists on here but not enough mirrors for you all. Get yo life. And she doesn’t have to worry about a man or getting a man, she’s happily married and GOT A MAN. Now you go find a man! LOL

  19. @DKNY
    Maybe she is over 40. I don’t understand the question about how does she keep herself clean. That is just to much thinking on your part…did it hurt?

  20. LOVE her style and bold fashion sense. I’m particularly fond of the black turtle neck paired w/the wide belt and black/white striped A-line skirt and the white, sleeveless peplum top.

    For everyone else who felt compelled to concern-troll about her health and weight; are any of you Physicians or knowledgeable about this woman’s health stats or exercise regime? Oh.

    Anyway, great feature. Heading over to peruse her blog now!

  21. @dkny,i can understand that you may like “overweight” women,but to disrespect another woman just because of her size is uncalled for and just straight childish. What does her weight have to do with her love life or her hygiene? It was a cruel attack on a woman that is just trying to inspire women of all sizes and shapes to embrace their sense of style. I workout 5 days a week,but who am i to judge someone that doesnt? If you have nothing nice to say,its best to twirl your ass right out this blog.

  22. It’s ABSOLUTELY sad that this woman is inspired by so many different elements in what she wears, but doesn’t realize that she isn’t at the point of just being a plus size woman. She is dangerously OBESE!!! to the point that I clicked on this post solely because I couldn’t understand how a beautiful woman like herself doesn’t see she has a BIG PROBLEM and its definitely not her taste in fashion. This isn’t healthy and I hope she’s doing something to lose more weight.

  23. I love the two piece outfit and how well she wears vintage with a modern twist. She is a pretty girl with nice style, but push the plate a little mami :) I have to push the plate all the time too.

  24. Truth #1: she knows how to dress her body really well. And she has great style. One of the best plus-sized bomber ever. She has a defined waist which helps a lot, lucky woman.
    Truth #2: she is unhealthily obese. But if she is fine with the way she is, that’s her prerogative.
    Truth #3: we can all agree to disagree and are not obliged to be politically correct. If that bombshell was anorexically skinny, nobody would praise her body and style. It would be a bashing festival. Obese and deadly skinny should never be celebrated even if this blog is about fashion.

  25. These are some cute outfits. Kudos to her. I can’t imagine how she looks when the clothes are off. GROSS!

  26. I still voted bombshell even though I think her body is gross. I am no hater. She slayed!

  27. Chasity you are a very pretty. I love your hair and your style is pretty cute too. I love the white jump suit. Work it with confidence. Smiles.

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