Y’all are one of the toughest crowds on the web, but we’re continuing to bring the hotness with our daily Bombshell feature.
Today’s chic contender is Candace from Philadelphia:

She says, “I’m a freelance wardrobe stylist.”

“I’m fun, girly in a silly way, and love anything bright, cool, and creative!”

” I love all prints/fabrics of any kind!”

” I love to think of myself as conservative…”

“But there is always one item that knocks “conservative” out the window!”

I think there are some hits and misses, though that last outfit is fire. Need/love/want every single piece! See some of Candace’s work on her website www.authentic8ke.com or on her blog www.authentic8ke.blogspot.com.



Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 2-6 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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39 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Candace from Philly”

  1. The boatneck dress was HIT! BUT I felt… In every outfit there is one item that knocks off the balance of the whole unit.



    GOOD DAY !

  3. I like Candace, I think she dresses nice but nothing there is nothing outstanding about her ensembles. Candace, preapre yourself doll, its going to get ugly…..it always does

  4. I gotta support a Philly girl. I am not a native, but live here so I rep it. She looks good. Our city has a dearth of style. It’s good to see someone doing a lil’ something.

  5. Love that first picture that dress would be great for my graduation. Everything else well Claire said it best some hits some misses

  6. I’m just not easily impressed these days. But I will preface by saying that even very well known bloggers are becoming boring to me so it’s not surprising that someone off the street literally does nothing for me style wise.

  7. Cute girl, great pieces but nothing thats really interesting about the outfits. But she did say that she was a tab bit conservative. Loving the hair and confidence.

  8. Something is very off. The patterns that she seems to pick don’t mesh well with her entire outfits. For example, that shirt that she’s wearing while holding her strawberry smoothie doesn’t do nothing for her shorts. The facbrics don’t mix well at all. It’s ike she’s throwing ish together for the hell of it. I wasnt even feeling the asian style dress with the grey matchy matchy shoes. Nothing special at all. I do love her style and color, but that’s it.

  9. I love Candace’s style and I love it that she rocks whatever she feels comfortable in! I do love the cat-inspired shades (that I could never pull off) and the blocking dress! I’m sure being a stylist isn’t easy so my hat’s off to her. My fav stylist is Niki Shadrow and I’ve seen some of the celebs she dresses and it’s super cool! FIDM taught her well :)

  10. this girls style is haute! i thought these pics were supposed 2b of everyday style. the shirt that she wore with the shorts was very chic yet casually put together for grabbing a MILKSHAKE! its so very obvious you ppl dont know what style is…for the love of fashion, go grab an ELLE OR VOGUE MAGAZINE! every look was a HIT!! and i repeat A HIT!!!

  11. I think her style suits her well! Its def unique!im from philly,and somtimes we go hard in the wrong direction! Her look is refreshing!@blkrose,im mad that u know her milkshake flavor!sad smh!!this is abt fashion!!

  12. Candace has AWESOME style!! She's classy but at the same time sexy and I've never seen her look before anywhere. The best aspect of her style is that she knows how to compliment a woman's shape and that's soooo key!!! You're doing your thang Authentic8ke! says:

    I LOVE it!!!!!! Authentic8ke style is classy and sexy all into one. I’ve never seen this kind of look before on the street. She really knows how to compliment the shape of a woman which is soooo key in styling–hiding your problem areas while accentuating your assets. You’re going places Candace!!!!! Go girl!!!

  13. I really like her. I love prints too so I’m a definite fan. I can’t say I love the jean skirt with that green patterned top, but i do like the top. I also don’t understand the outfit with the fringe boots, but everything else I’m diggin’. She’s adorable.

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