Today Angela from Virginia gives us this cute pic she snapped in her backyard:

Angela The Fashion Bomb

She says, “Here’s a pic of me getting ready to meet up with an old friend! The blazer was my mother’s from waaay back in the day lol, now it’s mine!”
You’re definitely giving some Tyra level fierceness in your stare! Your better work!
What do you think?

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25 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Angela from Virginia”

  1. Now that, my friends is what i’d like to call SUPERFRESH! and no not the grocery store! lol, get it girl! reppin for the DMV Diva’s!

  2. Finally! Something I can comment on this week! She looks fresh – not doing too much, but just enough with that blazer and the accessories. P.S. I love recycling my mother’s old clothes!

  3. This is actually really Fly! The jacket is great with the short and tank top! Simple yet tres chic! And the shoes are definitely what’s up!

  4. Now this is some bombshell material from head to toe…love love love that blazer its so in right now and her shoes are to freaking die for….Ms Angela is killing it…bombshell of the week for sure;> Hey Angie girl love yah style honey ;>

  5. Oh yeah I also agree with the others finally something to comment on I felt like the other chics were so not worthy of a bombshell post, but Angie rocks!…just my personal opinon….tata ;>

  6. Beautiful. Really reminiscent of a young Tyra Banks… super stylish and fun without trying too hard… a definite fashion bombshell!

  7. Young, fresh, she’s doing her thing and giving some fyah wit it! She gets my vote! And I luv the shoes!!!

  8. I think most of the other ladies put it best, but I’ll just add my usual: LOVE!

    Great job, dollface!


    Angela frm VA is most def worthy of Fashion Bombshell.
    Hott look! Diggin everything about it…

  10. She is the best dressed bombshell you’ve ever had on here!! She kills!!!! She’s raised the bar!! I love this outfit!! The vintage jacket looks modernly chic!! Now that’s a fashionista!! Where she get that shirt?? I luvs it! FIERCE all day long!! LUVS IT!!

  11. I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback! It is greatly appreciated, you guys are awesome!!

    P.S. Shout out to all my DMV HONIES!! I see ya’ll lol


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