Every once in a while, we get a bomb blogger or duo who want to also be featured for Fashion Bombshell of the Day, so of course we have to show the whole family love! Today we’ve got a submission from Michelle on her daughter, Mori from Glenside, Pennsylvania:

Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-6She says, “My name is Michelle and you’re looking at the face of “That Black Chic” Mori.”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-5 We are a mother-daughter blogging team hailing from right outside the City of Brotherly love.”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-8
“I make the clothes and Mori wears the clothes, that’s how we roll.”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-7
“Mori is not locked into one particular style and is willing to try anything once, it also doesn’t hurt that her Momma usually buys her new shoes for the outfits that I make and use on the blog.”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-9
“I am a fabric mix-ologist and big bold in your face prints are what we like to showcase on the blog.”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-10
 “We are usually on the same vibe when it comes to fashion and I don’t think she’ll ever be too old to call me and get my opinion on an outfit.”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-1
 “Clothing is art and I am a artist sharing my craft with the help of my daughter.”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-2
 “Thanks for the consideration!”Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-3Mori-from-Glenside-Bombshell-4
Wow! I dig your looks, especially that printed matching suit. Chic! Stay up to date with Mori and Michell on IG: ThatBlackchic and their site, www.thatblackchic.com. What do you guys think of Mori’s style?
What do you think of Mori from Glenside?

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