Today we have a repeat Bombshell! Mimi aka ‘Corporate Chic’ from Houston wanted you all to get an eyeful of her style evolution:
mimi from houston
She says, ” I am continuing to have fun with my non typical Corporate Attire.”

3 Mimi from Houston
“… This is my year to be even more gutsy yet professional.”

2 Mimi from Houston
“I am enjoying inspiring women to dress for less, and look GREAT while doing it.”

5 Mimi from Houston

” Thrift/Resale/ and Consignment (TRC) Shops have become my best friend.”

4 Mimi from Houston
” It’s about having confidence in yourself while having your own unique style.”

7 Mimi from Houston
“I love walking through the Corporate America glass doors in my sequin attire and not thinking twice.”

6 Mimi from Houston
10 Mimi from Houston

” As I coordinate my natural hair to add to the finishing touches I think of the awesome quote “Look like a GIRL, Act like a LADY, and Work like the BOSS”.”

Mimi from Houston
” I believe women can do all those things!”

“Even on my off days I love having fun with my style. Why Not?”

9 Mimi from Houston
“My motto is “Dress the Part, Shop Smart””

11 Mimi from Houston
Love that motto! Your submission was a total delight! You look great!
Check out Mimi’s first submission here and see more of her style on her blog

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39 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Mimi from Houston”

  1. Claire I submitted pics a while ago. Are they going to be featured ever?

    and YESSSSS!!! Shes definitely a bombshell!

  2. Other than that vest on top of the ombre faux turtleneck…LOVE!!!!!

    This is thrifting done right!

  3. Not really my style, but she does do thrifting impressively.

    Her hair is quite fabulous however…swoon!

  4. Not really my style, but she does do thrifting impressively.

    Her hair is quite fabulous however…swoon!

  5. I love how she switches it up, especially with her hair! The sequined blazer/printed pants, and the look after that are my favs.

  6. Really don’t care for these 2x FBs. Like they didn’t get the response they wanted the last time so they try again. Not pleased with any of her looks but her hair is fabulous. Please stop resubmitting looking for fans and compliments.

  7. Her style is unique so that’s refreshing, but most of her pieces don’t seem like they were meant to be put together. So not my taste. But her hair, PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, that hair is so so so so so perfect.

  8. @Iloveshoes why’d you stop by if you didn’t care for it, and then took the time to leave a comment, you’ve proven yourself to be quite bitter and strange indeed.

    But I love this young lady, from head to toe, bombshell for me.

  9. I luv luv luv her conservative and funky. Somehow I feel like I’m traveling thru time with these looks. Definitely not boring She’ll never be caught in the same outfit as anyone else lol that’s for sure

  10. Love it Corporate Chic, that’s thrifting at its best! If u don’t like it you don’t have 2 comment, way more positive than negs!

  11. I still remember those palazzo pants from the first submission :) What I didn’t remember was the fact that this is work attire…she’s really pushing it with the maxis and sequins!

    It all comes together yet I’m not daring enough to wear it all to the office while groping/clawing my way up the ladder :) Good on her, though. Bombshell, hands down!

  12. Love the flowy-ness of her clothes. Some pieces i wouldnt have matched together like the burgundy skirt with vest (lose the vest and change up the shoes) But i still love it. I work in corporate too and i often get down that I cant show my bohemian style, but this is inspiration for sure.

  13. Holy sh****!!!!
    Is this her natural hair! My goodness! Girl, don’t pass my way!I would cut of all your hair and make a wig out of it.

    Real black beauty!
    Oh about her style… You can wear everyting with this hair on your head! but she has def good style!

  14. Bombshell, indeed. Nothing typical about her style. Great pairings. She took risks, but kept it classy.

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