Today’s Bombshell is blogger Lisa from New York:
lisa from new york
She was actually submitted by her friend, Alexis, who says, “To me she is the queen of making basics look chic.”
3 Lisa from New York
On Lisa’s site, StyleNina, she writes, “I’m a style blogger living in New York trying to make my dreams come true and inspire others to live out their dreams in style no matter what others around you think.”
2 Lisa from New York
” The question I hate the most is when I’m shopping when some one asks: “where are you going to wear that?””

5 Lisa from New York
“… It’s not what you wear or where you wear…”

6 Lisa from New York
” …it’s the person in the clothes.”

7 Lisa from New York
” Occasion has nothing to do with it…”

8 Lisa from New York
“It’s all you…”
lisa from new york 005
“… no matter how modest…”

lisa from new york 00
“… or over the top…”

lisa from new york 001
” its Y.O.U) :-)”

Lisa from New York
Well, aren’t you gorgeous? Great hair, great skin, great outfits…Bombshell! And I love that white dress!
See more on Instagram @StyleNina.
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