Today’s Bombshell is blogger Lisa from New York:
lisa from new york
She was actually submitted by her friend, Alexis, who says, “To me she is the queen of making basics look chic.”
3 Lisa from New York
On Lisa’s site, StyleNina, she writes, “I’m a style blogger living in New York trying to make my dreams come true and inspire others to live out their dreams in style no matter what others around you think.”
2 Lisa from New York
” The question I hate the most is when I’m shopping when some one asks: “where are you going to wear that?””

5 Lisa from New York

“… It’s not what you wear or where you wear…”

6 Lisa from New York
” …it’s the person in the clothes.”

7 Lisa from New York
” Occasion has nothing to do with it…”

8 Lisa from New York
“It’s all you…”
lisa from new york 005

“… no matter how modest…”

lisa from new york 00
“… or over the top…”

lisa from new york 001
” its Y.O.U) :-)”

Lisa from New York
Well, aren’t you gorgeous? Great hair, great skin, great outfits…Bombshell! And I love that white dress!
See more on Instagram @StyleNina.
What do you think?

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58 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Lisa from New York”

  1. She’s a cutie. She’s not over the top and has a relaxed look. It is refreshing to see someone who isn’t trying to hard so kudos to her for that. I’m going to give her bombshell because her looks appear to be edited and her clothes fit her body nicely. I love the wide leg pant and lace combo. I would have like to see more in the shoe dept, but hey you work with what you got.

  2. I’m liking this. People may scream it’s not ‘wow’ or particularly ‘different’ or ‘eclectic’ but I think you’re a fashionbomb simply because you have style! You wear the pieces well. Very simple outfits, but put together nicely!

  3. Cute…i see her style alot from where im from, but like the above comments they fit your body well! so im also going to go for bombshell because i see where you going with this and your not “forcing” it. cute face!

  4. Some very short hemlines and with those legs, why not? Great way to work wardrobe staples. Fav Fit: lace top/mustard pants although I would’ve loved to see the look with a brown bra (but I know they’re hard to find).

  5. She is a lovely girl! Her looks are nothing out of the ordinary.

    She makes her tracks look like they grew out of her head!! A good look!

    Loves It!! Good fashion sense!

  6. This has been one of my favorite Fashion Bombshell. I loved everything. Especially that white dress :) Get it!

  7. She’s definitely inspired by what’s trendy right now (i.e. nothing is classic) but I like it still.

  8. Can we stop assuming that every black girl with long hair has to be wearing a weave black girls are not naturally bald headed..I voted bombshell she has great style!

  9. I’ve been following her for sometime now since FBD featured her before. Cute girl nice style and the best thing about it, all her clothes are affordable :) yippie!!!

  10. that weave was catching the wind in every single picture girl!
    Bombshell. Super trendy style without it looking forced/fake

  11. Saying someone’s tracks look natural means their bald headed?

    Clearly that’s your take & personal assumption.

    Most FEMALES I know that wear tracks, weaves extensions, ETC. have a head full of hair! Whats your point?


  12. She is pretty but her style isn’t anything inspiring I’ve seen her looks before and some done better!

  13. I guess if you can’t find anything major to complain about someone will still find something small anyway! She looks great, and to me it looks like she knows what works for her and wears it well! I think all of these styles are hits.

  14. BOMBSHELL… @Claire she was once featured here not too long ago. Her looks are still just as cute as last submission!

  15. I follow her on YouTube. Her looks are nice and simple. Bombshell? No. Very cute and and for the everyday girl that wants to take it up just a notch it’s just right.

  16. she’s waaay toooo skinny. This is for all the people who say about big girls….she’s waaay tooo big. you’re welks.

  17. I’ve seen her style before,but she rocks it well with some great pieces. Not a unique fashionbomb,buT well dressed.

  18. You can tell she has a good eye for style, trendy as it may be she does it well. Every look was polished and well put together I say Bombshell!

  19. cute girl, cute looks. wouldn’t say bomb. not here for the tousled/just woke up out of bed hair

  20. I like her submission even though there is nothing original nor creative. We’ve seen those outfits posted 90 % of the time here. She edits perfectly so her “trendiness” doesn’t look as bad as others. And she looks so effortless, easy-breezy…lol. Her pretty face and modelesque body automatically helps her style.

  21. Cute. Her figure is such that she can wear cheap clothes and they will look decent or get the pretty-girl pass.

  22. My point was just because you might have “long luxurious” locks doesn’t always mean you have a weave in your head and I wasn’t being literal when I said bald headed. Like I said not all black girls wear weaves so assuming that she or any woman would have one when their hair reaches past the shoulders is tacky.

  23. BOMBSHELL! I love virtually all of her looks. Yes, she’s trendy, but she executes in an elegant way. Great job IMO!

    Even her ridiculous weave doesn’t bother me bc it fits with her overall for some reason. To the person who suggested she doesn’t have a weave, chile please! I am a black woman with hair nearly to my butt;however, this is undoubtedly a weave…a good one, but a weave nonetheless.

  24. Love that blouse in picture 6 and the denim on denim skirt and shirt! Fashionbomb for sure…..

  25. @Anon- agree with the point you are making. Not all long hair is a weave on black girls and in fact 3 out of 4 of my girlfriends have real hair down their backs plus two of my associates,lol! As far as the bombshell I cant tell if she has great style or if her body is just the type that makes everything look good! I’ma say both!

  26. Wow. This woman is stunning. And I don’t even like weaves on black women, but this is probably the only sista I’ve ever seen who can pull it off (and that’s including celebrities). You look amazing.

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