Today’s Bombshell is Kadija is Atlanta:
kadija from atlanta
She wrote, “There are no rules or boundaries in my fashion dictionary.”

kadija from atlanta
” Most important fashion tip for me is knowing where you’re going (occasion and event)…”

1  kadija from atlanta
“… and knowing what fits your body type.”

7  kadija from atlanta

” I love playing with colors…”

3  kadija from atlanta
“… and beautiful prints.”

4  kadija from atlanta

” Trust me to transform an average dress…”

6  kadija from atlanta
2  kadija from atlanta

“… to a showstopper.”
9  kadija from atlanta
You’ve got a great body! Loving your pink ensembles, especially the last dress.
See more of Kadija’s look on Instagram @dijathediva.
What say you?

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78 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Kadija from Atlanta”

  1. How did we get here from yesterday? Things were really looking up…then this happened today. Nice figure and pretty girl, but nothing here is even close to being a bombshell:(

  2. Hot body, but not everything has to be so tight all the time girl! Turn down just a little, and you got this!

  3. She definitely NEEDS rules and boundaries in her style. It’s a hot terrible mess from head to toe. The 3 pink outfits were cute though pretty basic and seen so many times… But in general, her hair is bad, her clothes look cheap and kinda trashy. Not a bombshell at all.

  4. Pretty girl, nice body… i like the all pink set, but everything is just too tight! let ur skin breath lol

  5. She looks like a cast member of a Love and Hip Hop…you can pick the city…but for simplicities sake ill just say Atlanta. The pink looks…she looks amazing though…everything else…too tight…overdone

  6. This is the typical everyday clubwear in my opinion. On another note, I recogonize the apartments in the back ground.

  7. I really like the outfit with the pink crop top and matching skirt. Other than that it looks like typical Atlanta clubwear, weave, and makeup.

    On another note, more related to internet safety: Ladies when posting picture be very careful. I’m from Atlanta and I’m almost certain I know which apartment complex these photos were taken at and thus where you live. There are crazy people out there, just be careful.

  8. Extremely nice body with poor taste in clothing. It’s almost as if you dress for likes on IG instead of for the real world. You could wear just about anything and look amazing, so I understand why you choose tight fitting clothing, but most of the time less is more. You’re very beautiful, my suggestion would be to stick to classic pieces and uplift them with one trendy piece if you would like. For instance, the high-waist jeans would have been so cute had it been a dark denim rinse with a classic heel. And the skirt/knee high socks combo would have looked much cleaner with an A-line knee length skirt and a pair of killer heels. Mind you, all of these are MY opinions which don’t equate to much lol. I would love to see growth and a resubmission though.

  9. Nice shape but my god her style is awful.. sn: she looks like NewYork from flava of love #ijs

  10. How old is she? She looks about 40 in the face. Tacky! I wonder if these girls submit and honestly think its cute.. Like wtf… Haux sit down!!

  11. I hate to say it but the first word that came to my mind when I saw this submission was BASIC! She’s a pretty girl with a nice figure but her clothing choices and styling just aren’t original. She should take some risks and step away from the bodycon pieces.

  12. She looks 40 in the face, tacky clothes. Why do these girls submit knowing they look a hot azz mess. Old lady wear clothes that are appropriate for you age… On a good note, scandal comes on tonight, take some notes from Olivia Pope

  13. Nothing eye catching from a creative standpoint. She’s mostly just showcasing her body.

    But i guess i would dress like that too if i had that body. Jesus.

  14. Her body is amazing and the outfits flatter her shape, but this is the typical long weave and tight dress Atlanta chicks outfits(I live in Marietta GA). I see this all the time. I’m not feeling the vintage 90’s looks because it’s just not polished for 2013. No! sorry!

  15. She is just downright unattractive and unstylish. Looks like “I Love NY” in the face. People on here must have no standards b/c people are always saying these girls are pretty and they are not!

  16. I usually try to be an observer, and on the very few times I’ve commented I try to be positive, but this right here it the ABSOLUTE WORST. OMG. I cannot even do this.

  17. @Anonymous How does she have a struggle face? How is this girl unattractive someone please tell me. Yes the girl has horrible style, but saying this girl is ugly or unattractive is like telling a child they can’t go the grocery store because they to tall. Basically ladies lets stop making up sh#t.

  18. some of you guys are being a bit harsh and just down right mean, talking about her face and other things that have absolutely nothing to do with what this post is about.

    i think she’s pretty but could probably tone down some of the makeup so that she doesn’t come off looking a “certain” way and also realize that “more is more” in her case as far as not always having to wear form fitted, tight, short pocket hole clothes in order to accentuate her body or be sexy.

    i liked the pink plaid and long black formal dress look the most.

    again, she’s very pretty and i applaud her for being confident enough to submit herself as a bombshell because lords know i would never do it!!! y’all go too hard and too far!!! lolol!!!

  19. Her body is fantastic! If I had her body, I wouldn’t wear any clothes! I love her vintage black outfit, the pink crop and the pink printed outfit the most. I do not have the figure to say her clothes are too tight. She looks great!! Women are always the first to put each other down. Shame on yall. Honey, you are bad ass. I hope you can send an updated post with a broader variety of outfits.

  20. Very nice skin & nice shape. However the makeup and the hair- do nothing to enhance, in fact they make her look ratchet and WRETCHED.

    I hope she continues to refine her taste in clothes. Everything doesn’t have to be tight, short or see-thru to play up physical features. In fact the tighter her dresses were the more it made her shape seem..lewd, rather than fitting.

    The way she is dressing now, just says- I have ONLY physical assets to offer.

  21. @ bystander- Women always put down other women, right?? And we can be assured that the men are treating her with the utmost respect, right????

    In no way shape of form does her clothing indicate she PRIZES her self. Her clothing says- LOOK AT MY BREASTS & MY HIPS…

    Having a nice shape means you should walk around looking stank to flaunt it?

    So no one can tell you have a nice body in a suit, classy dress or appropriately fitting tops/pants?

  22. Cute girl. She does look a little like New York from Flavor of Love. I think she comes off a little cheap looking with her clothes. She has a bomb shape but leaves little to be desired. She does not give me stylish or fashionable.

  23. Ladies relax, this is her halloween ensemble. I’m guessing she’s New York from Flav of Love?!?! Good job!!!

  24. Smh I know her she is my cousins friend why did she do this to herself smh smh smh smdh hell no.

  25. @dobetter… I don’t see any men here commenting on everything but her style on here. My point is thee is no need to PUT HER DOWN. I actually appreciate your previous comment. Comment on the positives and provide constructive criticism. Unless you know her personally, there is no way to know how men relate to her. She could be married, in a serious relationship and have her life all the way together. Also, I don’t think the way she dresses means she does not see herself as a prize. This is HER style. Maybe you or others do not see her as a prize. She looks confident and I’m happy for her.

  26. Just because someone doesn’t fit your ideal of what classy and pretty is doesn’t mean you get to rip them apart on the internet. These comments are downright rude and negative. Shame on all(most) of you, and I bet none of you won Miss America either. She is someone’s child, sister or girlfriend. And God’s not sleeping, he see’s and hears everything. I always hesitate to scroll down because of all the negative shit you b***** say about people who are brave enough to submit their photos.

    Note to Claire: maybe Bombshell of Day needs another hiatus. So these people can reflect on their nastiness and be more appreciative of these features on your site. GIRL YOUR BODY IS BANGING, IF YOU GOT IT F*$% WHAT ANYONE SAYS AND FLAUNT IT IF YOU WANT..LIVE FOR YOUSELF AND NO ONE ELSE!

  27. She looks great amazing body and well put together just not ground breaking with the looks very insta – boring.

    Anyone with enough balls to put themselves here ill always give Kudos too..

  28. @Bystander you have said it well. She is a well accomplished BeaUtiful lady with very high esteem. I dare one of these no name , hide behind the keyboard thugs to have the courage and publish their wardrobe on here. We need to appreciate the diversity in this world instead of bashing the beauty we should see in one another. Every outfit she has on is beautiful along with the confidence in her eyes. Diva your style is on point.

  29. Claire needs to do something about you trolls hiding behind keyboards and typing from your misery just to bring others down! Smh! What she looks like has got nothing to do with what shes wearing! Shes looks good and is obviously comfortable with her body! Who made yall fashion experts? Show your faces and lets see what yall look like! Infact there should be a rulethat says that If you havnt submitted or if you are anonymous you have no right to give any negative comments! If you dont have anything better to say stfu! Claire, this nonsense must stop!

  30. She has a very nice body. Her looks leave me to believe that this is not her everyday casual wear. Between the dark back ground and the tight fit, I’m sure these are not her daytime looks. She may feel she looks her best in form-fitting clothing similar to a lot of women. I think she’s a beautiful girl. I do however think she should stick with the vintage feel clothing but invest in a tailor and edit her looks better. She also has a quirkiness to her that she can use in her advantage. I too would love to see a second submission soon. I applaud her courage. To the people with such a lack of self esteem that they tear others down for their own personal pleasures do something with yourselves.

  31. @Maquiah I agree, but I’m sure there is very little that Claire can do. Social media is a mess. She may be able to require users to register before they post which can lead to blocking those that are inappropriate. It’s just so hard in this day and age to monitor everyone and everybody. That’s how old girl got away with acting like Bow Wow.

  32. I knw dis girl .too sad she didn’t see this cuming ,pple should stop letting intergram get to their heads,the fact dat u get much likes on there dnt mean u can stand among the gurus. total fail “@bystander I want be surprise if ur related to KD or u know her personally.

  33. I hate to admit it but for some reason girls down here think style is showing off their body. Its like we sell ourselves down here. You know, for sure, the men are holler’n at her so that’s why she mistook it for style. Have to say though that body is hot!!

  34. I hate to admit it but for some reason girls down here think style is showing off their body.However,you know, for sure, the men are holler’n at her so that’s why she mistook it for great fashion (I said style at first but your style is still your style good or bad). Have to say though that body is hot!!

  35. It is very obvious the anonymous that keeps commenting know you personally and dislike you. Namesake you are very beautiful with amazing curves. don’t let no one tell you otherwise. i love your skin tone and your hot body. you can refrain from wearing too much bodycons though. there is no crime in throwing them on sometimes but don’t make it your go to outfit. I love your confidence and that beautiful smile of yours. keep doing you and disregard all these hateful comments…if the anonymous that commented more than three times can’t say nothing to your face, then she needs to get her life!

  36. Although everyone has their own definition of Bombshell; in my opinion the classic definition applies:

    1. an overwhelming surprise or disappointment.
    2.a very attractive woman.

    With that being said, the submission for today applies to both the noun and informal definition; it just depends on who is asked.

  37. Confidence is the best accessory and it looks like she has that from her pics. She likes her style and my fav fit on her is the black dress. The shoes could’ve been different, I suppose (closer to your skin tone or a “color pop”).

    You seem to like high-waisted and empire-like lines? As you evolve your style, Kadija, perhaps go with more of that. High-waisted dress pants, for example. Or a maxi dress with an empire waist. I think that would give off such an empress vibe on you.

    As many of the ladies have said, great body: you could wear most anything.

  38. Omgeee @ these harsh comments. And I’m guilty of it too. We all need to check ourselves. Imagine how this sister felt reading each and everyone of your comments? There is a way to critique without being downright nasty and disrespectful. Let’s all try to be more respectful of one another.

  39. Great body. The clothea are a tragedy unless youre in the dark at a hood club

    I agree that this girl is not blessed in the face, but I think she makes herself look even worse with all of the make up and weave. Perfect and unfortunate example of the clown look that many women cultivate for themselves (especially in the first shot)

  40. The epitome of Atlanta “fashion.” 3-4 bundles of hair; face full of make up; body con dress; and heeled shoes from Baker’s clearance section. SMH

  41. Here is my two cents, if 75% of your closet consistent of body cons and spandex you need to update your closet asap cause some of you guys are way behind in the times. Kadija your a beautiful girl, but you need to invest in better material and different silhouettes. I am sorry to say that a majority of these outfits just look super cheap and trashy.

  42. For someone saying you should know what fits your body type I am a little bit confused by the thigh high socks cutting off blood circulation and all of the thick platform shoes that are making her delicate feet look clunkier than they are. I live for that hot pink ensemble though! To dieee

  43. I love MY city but, LAWDDDDDDDD she “looks like Atlanta”. It’s not necessarily negative but, I find that my people are lacking individuality here. Everyone is on a quest to be different and they actually look like a bunch of sheep. Same weave, same makeup, same clothes. Pretty girl, nice shape but her clothes do not make her a bombshell. Very average at best. Welcome to the ATL shawty.

  44. This submission is a miss for me. I would like to see a bit of variety in her looks. Her style also appears a bit dated.

  45. Her clothing appears pretty cheap & outdated. She does look a lot like New York. I would love to see her in some nice slacks & a blouse. She has a great shape & everything does not have to cling to accentuate it.

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