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Today’s Bombshell is colorful and fresh! Behold, Grasie aka “STYLE ME GRASIE” from LA.

She writes, “My style is fun, laid back and easy. I love prints and color and rarely pay attention to trends.”
“I’ve always loved clothes and I know I get that from my mama. She’s the coolest and her fashion was amazing when I was a kid. I wanted to wear all her clothes and always wear lipstick because of her.”
“I started my fashion blog about 5 years ago because I wanted a place to express my creativity. That’s what I think fashion is…a way to express yourself.”

“As an actress, I love having something else I’m passionate about to keep me busy day to day, when acting stuff is slow. It’s just fun for me. xoxo @grasiemercedes.”
View more pics below:

Bomb! Your style is on point!
To learn more about this bombshell visit her Instagram at @grasiemercedes and blog grasiemercedes.com.
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