Woot! Had a few hours of free time this am, but am prepping to fly off to another show!
Before then, take a look at Erika from Chicago’s style:
kawaza from chicago
She was submitted by her friend Kawaza, who wrote, “[Erika] is a wardrobe stylist based here in Chicago.”
” Erika is not your typical female who is just following the trend of being a stylist. Her work is amazing!”

” She has a keen eye for fashion.”


” I really won’t be shocked if we see her work on the pages of Vogue and Bazaar in the future.”

” I’ve worked with her before when I was trying to “model” (side eyes myself) and she is the most humble and sweetest person.”

” Now, I won’t describe her style because I’m not her. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.”

” However, I will say her signature is definitely her short haircut with a pair of fly shades!


“Check out her work at www.frenchvendette.com and her IG is @frenchvendette.”
Alright! She definitely has a distinct look!
See more on IG @frenchvendette.
What do you think?

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19 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Erika from Chicago”

  1. Really like most of her looks but those stonewashed jeans/overalls are a big negative. The crotch is very wrong.

  2. Omg I submitted her and you featured her! Thanks Claire! Erika really is a sweet person. If you’re not fond of her style at least do yourself a favor and check out her work.

  3. Is it just me? The clothes don’t fit her body type well at all. Other than the ensembles with the trench, and the black frilly dress, her lack of hips is emphasized. I think she can dress better for her body type.

  4. Fellow Chicgaoan here! Love your style! I. A bit confused though… How is it that I’ve seen other features on the site with very similar style yet they’re deemed bombshells. I don’t get it…

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