We’re ending this week with Bombshell Banke from the UK:
Banke from London
She types, ” I describe my style as feminine and classic, with a modern twist.”

7 Banke from London
” My style would appeal to anyone who appreciates a borderline casual-glam look.”

6 Banke from London
“I hope you find it suitable to share with your audience.”

5 Banke from London

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4 Banke from London

3 Banke from London

2 Banke from London

1 Banke from London

Cute! I love your floral pants ensemble and your black and white look with a pop of neon yellow.
Follow Banke on IG @AStyleDiary_.

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14 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Banke from London”

  1. Every pic is like an almost for me….like almost nailed it.

    But fashion is subjective. Have a good weekend everyone!

  2. Not bad, but not yet. I see potential, but also lots of old trends (floppy J-Lo hat, costume jewelry, peplum, neon, belted sweater, etc.). If you modernize these details you’d be there. Mother Oprah said love is in the details!

  3. If ALMOST was good enough she would be a bombshell. But as we all know almost is never good enough. In this case I just feel like she needs to polish up her looks a bit. She almost has it.

  4. I like that she takes risks and mixes unexpected components together. She’s not there yet but in time I think she will. I voted some hits and misses.

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