Hey Guys,
So we do have quite a few male readers who have a style all their own.
Today we have Ramaj, a fashionisto from Philly:

He says, “My style cannot be described in one way; I have a ton of influences that I pull from with every look I rock each day.”

“… I love all things retro and am most inspired by the classy era of the gentleman–the collared shirts, ties, vests and all things neat and preppy. But, I am also unafraid to gender-bend and put a male twist on feminine glamour by wearing tighter clothes, flashy accessories and bright colors.”

“… Then, there is the rebellious side of me that loves going against the grain and taking risks. This side loves taking things that look wrong and making them look right. Oversized shirts, ripped jeans and mixing patterns are examples of what this side consists of.”

” All in all, my style is a true expression of my multi-faceted personality. “

Ramaj is a blogger as well. Check him out at www.soundonmars.com.
What do you think of our Bomber?

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to th************@gm***.com.

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23 thoughts on “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Ramaj from Philly”

  1. Oh no beuno. I’m not feeling this at all. Those tan shorts in the photo with the messenger bag are wayyyy to tight. He says his style is pulls from different influences, but I really don’t see it.

  2. Ok, Ramaj, I see you in that dorm room! LOL I like his style, it seems he is dressing for himself and not others and that is admirable. LOVEZ IT!

  3. How you know his name is jamar boo. Uhh-Rude. He loooks amazing. stylish. and he sooooooo damn fine. LOVE the first and last flix

  4. Omg@Dominique! I just died a lil. Can’t get over on you huh?

    I’m really filling the second pic, the tan cardigan w/ the red shirt. Clean!

  5. he is sooo sexy for words. dont matter what he wear. I like that his stylke dont come across as like doin to much.

  6. Is there a reason why all of the male fashionistos featured on this site look so… feminine?! can we get some manly-men that are also fashionable? hell, i know a few, lemme start pulling some pics…

  7. Ramaj… great style but I’m not understanding those black shoes. They make your feet look to big or not in proportion with your body.

    The white blazer w/tie is the bomb and I like bright colors on you. But those stripes got to go. Just let it go.

  8. @Dominique

    So what if he wanted to call himself Sir Richdarson???? WTF! Are you w/the FBI/CSI/CBO??? Don’t bring that niglet mess up in here. This is a fashion room. Not I Know what you did last summer mess.

  9. Cool style and all, but to the ladies who keep calling him sexy… I have a feeling he ain’t checkin for you. sorry

  10. OMG Zy I feel the same way about all the male bombers that are featured appearing feminine. Its so annoying. I got bashed a few weeks back when I made the same comment. Go figure. It just would be nice to see a little variety in the men featured.

    lol @ Dominique. I just died from your comment. Ramaj/Jamar. Never even noticed.

  11. I like almost every thing he is wearing but those shorts! Ugh, I can’t. I wish he would wear his bottoms a bit lower too they are high as hell. Cute though.

  12. My brother’s name is James, and he called himself Semaj for the longest time. Whatever. Let Ramaj and his alter ego be great!

    LOL @ Anonymous’ comment. I was thinking the same thing…..

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