Friday’s are when we give you a dose of the ladies and the gentlemen’s fashion senses. Today we have Darvell from the Bronx:Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-1

When describing his style, he said, “Anything inspired by a men’s uniform (from car mechanics shirts to business suits to some edgy urban looks).Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-9Tempered by bright colors are some of the looks I go for.

Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-2Check out more photos below:Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-3Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-4Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-5Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-6Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-7Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-8Darvell-from-Bronx-Bomber-10


Yaaasss Darvell! I loved all your looks, especially the tailored suits (because, who doesn’t love a man in a tailored suit?) You guys can stay up on his style at IG:@only1venom. What do you guys think of Darvell from the Bronx?

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