Last Friday’s Fashion Bomber, Davidson from New York, set so many hearts on fire, his swag will be hard to top! But, our favorite series must go on. And perhaps Daniel from West Haven, Connecticut, can give him a run for his money:

Daniel says, “I’m a 23-year-old Motivational Speaker and an up and coming Style blogger on”

” I recently found The Fashion Bomb Daily blog via a google search & I’ve been hooked since day one.”

” My style is very international, I think:)I love colors.”

” I get my inspirations from different people around the world.”

” I still yet have to figure out how to describe it but for now I enjoy getting compliments from friends.”

” Maybe your readers can help me figure it out:) Thank you so much!”

Thank you! You’re certainly dapper. I love how you play with hats and different hues. Can’t wait to check out your blog!
What do you think of Daniel’s style?

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of male Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 2-6 picture(s) to th************@gm***.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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59 thoughts on “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Daniel from Connecticut”

  1. Daniel… you should be the poster boy for Oswald Boateng!!! You got it ! You understand FIT and LOOK!! Dandy Chic thats what I call it

  2. BOOM – another male bomber blowing up the spot. Daniel is handsome and each look is put together nicely. It is wonderful to see young men (on this blog) take such pride in their appearance. (Unfortunately in Philly all I see are sagging jeans, drawers, super long tees & timbos x_x)

  3. The Bombers are get more awesome by the day Claire! I don’t know how this will be taken, but it’s refreshing to see mature, refined, masculine style. What does one need a sequin harem pant and lurex turban for!?

  4. NICE!! Love his use of color. Now what I will say is that Im not a fan of his brown shoes that are in almost every pic. But everything else…..very nice!!!

  5. The guys are definitely rockin’ it…. Love all of Daniel’s looks, especially the second look with the yellow pants – that was inspiring! NICE! #Bomber

  6. His style is very dapper. I love how he plays with color. My one negative is that his pants could be a little more tailored. He gets a 9/10

  7. He looks like a lot of the West African and/or European gentlemen that I’ve seen on The Sartorialist. He definitely has a continental sensibility.

  8. lawd jesus, thought I was on for the morning wood post. Mr. Daniel is FIIIIINE.

    I do love the colors and fit. Very nice.

  9. Very sexy young man.

    The male bombers are besting the females.

    Step your game up ladies.

  10. Another great Bomber! Loved some of the looks, but as others have already mentioned, the hats aren’t needed with every outfit.

  11. I think your style is “modern- classic” …. as it looks as if you like to take a fresh approach to classic men’s clothes…and I agree with all of the bombers- you look great and you have fantastic style!

  12. I can definitly see his inspiration on Italian styles (and the Italian charm-vibe is also around him on the photos!) He’s using color perfectly, very well done Daniel.

  13. the bombers are killing it! I agree with others, sometimes the hats make a cool statement, sometimes it’s overkill & over-accessorized. But overall bravo!

  14. I like my men’s style minimalist. I don’t give a crap about your sexual orientation just don’t come at me with a leopard jumpsuit on and expect me to think you’re a sartorial God.

  15. Great style.
    Hem the pants a tad and it’ll be even more amazing!

    I think your style is the point where Classic Meets Modern.
    You have a classic sensibility, but you use punchy colors to give it a little edge.

  16. Last two bombers have been great! Love Daniel’s style and that he is not afraid of color. I love a man that takes chances but still looks pulled together!

  17. WOW! Aren’t you beautiful people just amazing. Claire, thank you for featuring me. I truly appreciate the opportunity. This blog is definitely dope no doubt, Love it. Def. appreciate all the feedback from you lovely people. Much Love!, -Dan

  18. West Haven, CT is where I grew up…Daniel putting my town on the map…..Loveeeee all his outfits. DAPPER!

  19. I’m a fan already, thank you Daniel from taking me away from the almost monotonous string of male bombers with very similar style…a breath of fresh air….

  20. He’s sophisticated with a European flair. It’s the modern English playboy. Bravo. I’m adding his blog to my Google Reader. He’s definitely worth the read. Also, he doesn’t look 23 at all. Extremely handsome.

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