So as I mentioned here, I’m really focusing on ramping up great content for Fashion Bomb TV! There are loads of fashionable closets to uncover and stylish people to interview, and I thought I’d get the ball rolling with stylist and Atlanta Exes star, Tameka Raymond.
Cocktails with Claire Closet Confessions fashion bomb daily
Tameka got her start styling groups like Subway and 702, and her client roster has included everyone from Missy to Jay-Z, Ciara, Nas and Mary J. Blige.
000 Cocktails with Claire Closet Confessions fashion bomb daily  tameka raymond
Her closet overflows with well plucked separates, bags, and shoes…check it out below:

We had a lot of fun!
What do you think?
tameka raymond 89898 Cocktails with Claire Closet Confessions fashion bomb daily
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*Follow more of Tameka’s chic moves on her website
Video: Whistle Peak Productions

32 thoughts on “Fashion Bomb TV: Cocktails with Claire Closet Confessions with Tameka Raymond”

  1. Great interview Claire. I’ve always admired her style and was interested in her career but, like you both said in the vid, her reputation in the public is largely based on her being usher’s ex. She has great personal style. THX for the tips Tameka!

  2. Hey Claire! You are gorgeous! I love your website and this series! Could you do Marjorie Harvey’s closet?

  3. Thanks for the feedback! @Flywon So…I said it again for the next 3 videos, but after that I’ll revise;)
    @Sunny Great idea with Marjorie, I’ll see what I can do.

  4. An closet interview/vid with Kim Kardashian would be majorrrrrrrrrrr, let’s make it happen Claire ;)

  5. I enjoyed it. Wish there was more talking about the actual contents of her closet than about her her and personal life. Like she would wear on a date, her most versatile pair of shoes, what she considers her go to outfit for lunch with the girls… I guess I just expected more on her relationship with her wardrobe than her…

  6. I LOOOOOVE HER!!! She is so fly and funny to me. Such a pretty lady, I wish we could have gotten more into her closet. She seemed to have tons of heat in there. Unrelated, her hair is pretty, is she mixed.

  7. I would love a little style segment on all the Atlanta Exes cast members. I love all their styles.

  8. Perhaps she wouldn’t be referred to as Usher’s ex if she didn’t hold onto his last name…

  9. Claire, you are beautiful, and the camera work was on point. However, you are not a good interviewer- you always seem frazzled in interviews, and it is distracting since everything else is actually in point. I would recommend getting some coaching or having someone else conduct the segment for you but still brand it for fashion bomb. I love you and your blog and have loved watching the blog how, just have to be honest about your interviewing skills.

  10. @Lauren its not that she’s not a good interviewer, she is just getting her feet wet. Yes she has a few under her belt, but practice makes perfect. Some ppl are naturals and some have to put in a bit of extra effort, there’s nothing wrong with that. One thing I would’ve enjoyed was more of her actual closet. Clothes, accessories etc. Other than that keep em coming Claire

  11. I really enjoyed this interview!! The questions were balanced, & even though you asked about other things they still all tied together & kept the focus on fashion. You did great. Xo

  12. I agree, it would be great to see actual discussion of items from the closet. As a follower of yours for many years and a woman of a certain age, I would love to see a closet confession with Marjorie Harvey and Kris Jenner, whose style I love because I love black and white. Keep up the great work!

  13. Claire,

    I love your interviews and fashion bomb tv. When you are doing big things it’s easy for the internet thugs to feel better about their dismal lives by trying to discourage others. Keep doing big things :)

    I like the idea of a Marjorie Harvey closet confession.

  14. And i love love loved this i saw tameka from a different pov and im GLAD SHE SAID TARGET lol cus im frequently there i try to tell people its not about the price all the time its about the quality and she has been around so she knows .. Very classy CLAIR

  15. Ok, first, Claire I would also like you to dig deeper into the closets of all the people you interview. That house is beeeaauuuutiful, and I appreciate the interview questions but more detail about the fashion would be nice. 6 minutes isn’t enough!!

    Second, if you’re taking requests, a walk through Mary’s closets would make you my best friend forever and ever.

    Last, I love and agree with her fashion tips, however, she broke her own #1 tip, keeping it professional. The client isn’t your friend or future baby daddy, but I get it, sometime you fall into things.

  16. Claire- I think you did a great job! I agree with the other comments that it wasn’t enough time! I’m excited to see more from you and Closet Confessions!

  17. Hey Claire, I would like to cosign the other comments about more discussion of fashion/design. My fave closet confessional was with DJ Kiss because she actually tried on a lot of the clothes, discussed her fave shoes and designers, and you guys looked like you were having fun. With Tameka Raymond I would have appreciated seeing more of the design of her home and maybe pulling some more of her fave pieces. Either way keep up the good work, Claire. It’s great to see you building your brand!

  18. Loved it! Tameka is smart and stylish and “been been” (LOL) I remember seeing her name Tameka Foster inside of all of my favorite artist CD covers as “STYLIST”

    People love to hate her for no reason…

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