Happy Tuesday!
So last week I decided to do our very first on camera Breaking into Fashion interview with boutique owner Blake Scotland.

The young Georgetown graduate is the proprietor of her eponymous men’s and women’s contemporary boutique located at 62 Clinton Street on the Lower East Side.

I tapped her to offer a few tips to you aspiring store owners out there.

Take a look:

What do you think?
For my on camera moment, I decided to embrace this season’s neon trend with a flat chiffon top by Mara Hoffman, accented by Rag & Bone colorblock skinnies (previously worn by Ashanti here), and my Kurt Geiger Greek Sandals (I also wore them to Essence’s Women in Hollywood Luncheon).

I toned down all my patterns with an H&M conscious white denim jacket, and a pop of bright pink MAC Impassioned lipstick.

As far as jewelry, I wore a few of my faves, including bling hoops from Shop Loveys, a Melody Ehsani I’m Fly ring, and a Noisegirl bracelet I copped at Blake Scotland.

And there you have it!

*Because you made it to the end of this post, Blake and I decided to collabo and give away an item carried in her store: these funky glasses by designer Samantha Smikle (retail value $145).

I’m still unsure if I can pull those off, but I’m sure one of you can!
Leave a comment and we’ll pick a winner at random. If you don’t want to win, please indicate so in your comment! The contest ends Wednesday May, 2nd at 12pm EST. And in the meantime, you should also check out more of Samantha’s work at shoptnemnroda.com. She’s offering Fashion Bomb readers 20% off until May 15th with the code “FashionBombMay.”
*Photos by Marta McAdams. Video by Sam Centore.
*Outfit Info: Mara Hoffman Flat Chiffon Top. Rag & Bone colorblock skinnies. Kurt Geiger Greek Sandals. H&M white denim jacket. Shop Loveys Hoops. Melody Ehsani I’m Fly Ring. Noisegirl bracelet. Necklace from PB & Caviar.

141 thoughts on “Fashion Bomb TV: How to Break into Fashion with Boutique Owner Blake Scotland”

  1. Looking gud Claire!!
    Could I have them jeans, top and shoes plz? Pretty plz!!!

  2. Very nice! I would say though, that there is quite alot going on. Not sure if that’s a bad thing, but I’m still getting used to the neon trend. Nice work.

  3. Alas, as Fashion Bomb staff, I cannot win those shades. But they will be mine. And I want ur top. but u already know this.

  4. You look great! I love the shirt and those neon heels :)

    Id love a pair of those sunnies, theyre very fun and unique.

  5. I think I could pull those off. Funky shades are my thing. Also, deets on the nails please :)

  6. LOOOOOVE THE WHOLE LOOK ….YOU BETTER WERK! Loving the color scheme. Keep it up. PS. THE SHADES ARE TO DIE FOR!!! XOXO

  7. Claire I need these sunnies in my life! They are totally giving me an Indian inspired vibe. So Fab…I never win anything so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to rock these.

  8. OH MY! The things i will do with those frames. I love the vintage yet cool vibe I am getting from them. Please Pick me!

  9. I would love to win these shades! They would be nice to have in my life! P.S. Fashion Bomb Daily is by far 1 of my favorite sites! Keep up the great work, Claire and team!

  10. Me me me meeeeeeeeee Claire I would love those shades! (Pokes out bottom lip like baby )

  11. I appreciate this interview being from a young owner standpoint. I’m 22 and dream to open a boutique here in st.louis. I love that she stated you dont need a lot cash it made the thought a little less stressful. Never thought i would need a visual Merchandiser so that’s something to look into. THANKS FOR THE TIPS

  12. Claire!!!!! You are absolutely FLY n adorable! I luv your hair ;) Outfit was Fashion Bomblicious!

    P.S. – I want to win those shades n I don’t even rock glasses (shades) like that!

  13. Those shades are BADD! I need them ASAP!
    Clair you look fabulous! Love your jeans and shoes.

  14. Claire I just want to say… you have come such a long way from your blogspot days! You truly inspire. Love the outfit!

  15. Love the that the interview was from a young owner standpoint. I’m 22 years old and have always dreamed of opening a boutique here in St.louis. Love tip 2 . I never thought of hiring a Visual Merchandiser for a small boutique but i see how it can help a business grow. Thanks for the insight!

  16. Me again ;) Just watched the interview (free second at work) and wanted to say thanks Blake Scotland for the tips! Please stay tuned as I will be next! ;)
    SN: Pssst…shades!

  17. Love the rag and bone jeans Claire! Omg I live for those shades! I freaking live hunty! But I never win anything so I can only dream…

  18. LOVE this article. Great to see you in front of the camera. Those pants and heels are everything but the glasses? Amazeballs..they should be mine :)

  19. Those shades are screaming my name, “Maaarrriiiiaaa!!” They’re soo fierce, I must have them for my outfit repertoire :)

  20. I love THE WHOLE THING, from the woman, to the store , to the products! Inspirational for me. I want to do my own STORE HERE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST. I AM TRULY INSPIRED! Congrats , and much success :)

  21. I loved the look Claire, The white really pops against all the bright colors as well as your fab skin! Interesting look

  22. Life.. these shades.. they give it to me.. . lol They are SO gorgeous! .. they have a classic vintage yet urban look to me. Unique,eye catching, and sexy ( they keep attention in a “girl where’d you get those I NEED THEM” kinda way ) Im still a newbie to fearless fashion expression ( big chop/ new wardrobe/ new makeup/ new me ) but it has been exhilarating, and an incredible learning experience about the woman I am/can/desire to be. These shades and the clothes I have seen have made me wanna start shopping in boutiques,I’ve never even shopped in one.. let alone been in one. These shades are more than enough of a reason to start! I would so love to rock these for the summer!

  23. This sporty chic with big hair will know exactly how to rock those shades. Very chic! I would love to win.
    BTW: Very cute outfit! Love the earrings.

  24. Claire those SUNNIES ARE FABULOUS!!!!! Can I pretty please have them with chocolate and strawberries on top! Sprinkles too :)

  25. Love the eyewear (and you outfit)! I need some summer stunnas to add some FIRE to my basic T, heels and jean days. Please Pick Me; promise to send you a photo if you do.

  26. I would love to win those glasses they’re so unique and will definitely stop the crowds as well as the sun rays! HOT!

  27. I really, really want to open a boutique, so I appreciate the learning opportunity. Keep them coming.
    And I’ve said it before, but I really like the blonde on you. It makes a big difference. Anywho, carry on.

  28. Claire…thank you so much for posting this. I had anepiphany the other day that I want to own my own business. I have no interest in owning any other type of business but a clothing boutique. This post gave me that extra push I needed to know that this is my dream,and it’s up to me to see it through.

    And and I love, love, love your blouse and shoes.

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