kim-kardashian-at-givenchy-spring-2014 • Carine Roitfeld and Kimye seem to be really into each other– the three were seen chumming around Paris right after their arrival for Fashion Week. The legendary editrix also styled Kim Kardashian in a bespoke sheer black Givenchy number for the label’s Spring 2014 show, complete with oxblood strappy snakesin sandals. In fact, Kim divulged via instagram that Riccardo Tisci himself whipped up the frilled creation the day before the show. Talk about express service! It seems like Roitfeld took quite a shine to the couple after photographing a pregnant Kimmy for the latest issue of CR Fashionbook.(Fashionista)


• Following rumors that he may be leaving the label after a 16-year tenure, WWD reports that Marc Jacobs is in talks with LVMH which could lead to his actual departure from Louis Vuitton. According to sources, Jacobs may be leaving so he can focus his attention on his namesake, particularly, plotting a possible public offering for Marc Jacobs International. The French luxury giant is said to be entertaining Nicolas Ghesquière as Jacobs’s replacement. The upcoming days should give us more information regarding Marc’s status at Vuitton and his business relationship going forward with LVMH. Stay tuned! (WWD)


Daria Werbowy will serve as the face of H&M‘s buzzy Isabel Marant collaboration. Peep the teaser image above! (NYDN)



• The newly-reestablished Schiaparelli line has a creative director! Marco Zanini, formerly of Rochas, has been tapped to site at the helm of the label, and will debut his first collection of “prêt-à-couture” in January during Paris Couture Week. (Vogue UK)

Fashion Bomb Exclusive- Interview with Stepper # 12 from the Rick Owens Spring 2014 Show Says It was Not a Gimmick
•Rick Owens’s step infused show still stands as the most exciting moment from the Spring 2014 season in Paris. If you can’t get enough, rumor has it that director Danielle Levitt will be making a documentary about the experience. Will you be watching? (Fashion Week Daily)



18 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Carine Roitfeld and Kimye Get Chummy in Paris, Marc Jacobs May be Considering Public Option, and Rick Owens to Create Documentary Around Spring 2014 Step Show”

  1. i dont like nothing kardashian including kim, this ill fitting get up is atrociuos i purposely believe that ricardo tisci dresses her so the world can laugh at her…. case in pont this and that flower bomb couch dress she wore to the met gala…. this albeit fares alot better than the other. none the less not a fan..

  2. Well said Melissa.. Im ready for her to go away again.. things were rather nice while she was away, don’t yall think??

  3. @melissa I enjoyed your commentary immensely LOL!! This look is not it !! It looks so poorly made and the fit couldn’t be worse. Oh well

  4. @Melissa – True dat!

    This get up is ridiculous! On can tell Kimberly is one insecure tramp! Tisci and Koonye filling her already empty head with all these atrocious, unflattering outfits but because Givenchy is marked at the back she’ll gladly comply! Should’ve kept Monica Rose as stylist…

  5. @ Melissa: 100 % agree.
    Those two really do have a very dark energy/ aura around them. This may be why a lot of comments made about them on those other major media outlets are extremely negative in general. And I believe this does not come from people being jealous ( what is there to envy anyway…). They are just two very vile people. And certainly not fashionable at all despite their access to super high-end items.

  6. everyone on here claiming to hate kim but commenting away on everything about her. if you hate her so much, ignore her.

  7. @zebra this is a fashion forum, the objective is to comment on the fashions, which is what we the commenters do, now if i or the collective commenters don’t care for kimye thats our personal opinion. dont try to come for anybody hunii, please have several seats in the nosebleed section of the barclay center. thank you and have a great night. lastly just cause folks ain’t stanning for them don’t mean anybody hates them. hate is a very strong word. i dislike both of them together and separately…. run tell dat……. #gnite…. and i still don’t like em #whattttt!!!!!

  8. I see a weight loss campaign sometime soon. Kris is working on it now. As vein as Kim is she would’ve been had her surgeon tightening up that body….great marketing strategy I presume ?

  9. I agree with Honeybrown. Kim is looking for a Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson pay day with Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. This reminds me of the Prada dress she had on when she was pregnant. Hips and silk don’t work together. I wish she would hire her stylist back and stop letting Kanye dress her. No smiles in this pic either.

  10. The woman JUST had a baby!! She’s allowed to be plump. I think she looks beautiful !

  11. @Melissa this post had nothing to do about kim or kanye’s fashion. lol. good one. the headline definitely reads “fashion bomb news breakdown: Carine Roitfeld and Kimye Get Chummy in Paris.” now, if you would have mentioned marc jacob’s leave from louis v or rick owen’s possible doc., that would have been another story. you are here for kimye and you know it. lol. #kimyeshatersaretheirbiggestlovers

  12. The amount of pressure for celebs to look thin a day after giving birth is redic. IT’S UNREALISTIC.

    Tisci really need to stop dressing Kim, he starting to piss me off *roll eyes* lbs (she need to stop agreeing)

    Last, for the ppl saying she need to go away are pressed, TF IS DOING TO Y’ALL. GETCHA LIVES!!!

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