If you don’t know about him already, then you should get to know about Brooklyn rapper Brutini Musé. The up and coming rapper and songwriter has already dropped several singles including “Ghetto Town” and “Groovey Lit” and a project in 2019 called Tie Your Laces. Now, he is currently working on his latest project Drippamphetamine which is set to drop in September of this year.

Brutini Musé sat down with Fashion Bomb Daily for an exclusive interview detailing his inspirations, collaborators, favorite songs, and much more for his forthcoming project:

On his inspirations, Brutini explains: “My inspiration comes life experiences, day to day activities, art, history and fashion.”

On his favorite song from the project, he tells: “‘Heal The Pain’, it embodies the feeling of going through up’s & down’s. Still finding a way to get through tough times and heal your afflictions.

When asked about collaborators for Drippamphetamine, he details: “Mostly people that I know personally like Moretti, Young Paris, Omelly, Seppe, Slk Ez, Jay’More and Givenchy.

Finally, Brutini reveals where you can stream Drippamphetamine when it drops in September: “Tidal, Napster, Amazon, Spotify etc.

“Ghetto Town” video by Brutini Musé ft. kahGEE; 🎥: @_photographir 

Stay tuned for more from Brutini Musé!

Photos by @_demigodphotography