The Kardashians are known for going all out when it comes to their Halloween costumes. On Friday, Kim shared some precious photos of her four kiddos each paying homage to different black artists in throughout the hip-hop sphere! The Instagram post captioned “THE ICONS – AALIYAH, SADE, SNOOP, EAZY E”. See who wore what below!

North West channeled her inner Aaliyah in this memorable full Tommy Hilfiger moment.

Saint West brought back Snoop Dogg’s emblematic 90’s style, from his braided hair down to his flannel shirt and Chuck Taylors.

Chicago West recreated the instantly recognizable denim shirt, jeans, gold jewelry and braided ponytail look made popular by Sade.

There is no mistaking that Psalm West’s ‘Straight Out of Compton’ outfit was a tribute to Eazy E!

We see some natural born models here! We may not be spooked, but we sure are gagging at this iconic looks! Knowing the Kardashians, this is just the beginning of their festive costume fun. More to come in celebrity Halloween style!

Images: IG/Reproduction