Prepare for cuteness overload with this week’s Fashion Bomb Kid: Jahzara Olivia aka @allthatjahz!

She is only 11 months with her first birthday coming up in September! Being on this Earth for only 11 months, Jahzara is already a mini influencer and brand rep to many baby clothing brands.

Jahzara is nicknamed the “Rainbow Baby” as she loves to incorporate the colors of the rainbow into her wardrobe! She can surely brighten up your day with her vibrantly colored and patterned looks.

She also loves a good hair accessory to go along with her colorful looks, so she regularly rocks a headwrap or hair bow in her thick, beautiful hair.

We definitely have a mini fashionista in the making on our hands, so be on the lookout for more looks from Jahzara Olivia!

We’re always searching for the next Fashion Bomb Kid! Submit 5-10 different looks of your mini Bomber or Bombshell via DM to @fashionbombkids or simply tag us in your pics for a chance to be our next Fashion Bomb Kid.