Cardi B posed last night in a full monogram Louis Vuitton look, complete with Louis Vuitton monogram hair.

Logo emblazoned hair was kick started in the 90’s by trendsetters Lil Kim and Misa Hylton. When asked about Kim’s iconic Blue Chanel wig, Misa told Essence, “Colored hair and designer brands were really a part of Kim’s DNA, so this was a natural progression of combining those two elements.”

Kim would rock Versace and Chanel stamped tresses to fashion shows and during photo shoots.

Hair Logo Mania has stood the test of time as we are still witnessing stars such as Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Cardi B rock their own versions to this day.

Beyonce recreated Lil Kim’s Manhattan File 2001 cover shoot for Halloween in 2017 with a blue banged wig styled by Tokyo Stylez .

Nicki Minaj rocked Fendi printed hair as promotion for her collaboration with the brand in 2019. The blonde bob and bang consisted of Fendi’s signature “F’s” printed in Pink created by our 2019 Faby’s Award winner Arrogant Tae.

Most recently, Cardi B rocked a Louis Vuitton logo printed blonde ponytail for a photo shoot, also styled by Tokyo Stylez.

They all look bomb while paying their respect to the Queen Lil Kim!
Whose logo printed hairstyle is executed the best?
Let us know.