A few weeks ago, on the eve of Convos with Claire Miami, we sat down with the Baddest B*tch aka Trina, for a photo shoot and video.

It’s been a roller coaster of years for the Miami Native. After 6 years of delays, emotions, leaving her label, and going independent, Trina linked up with superstar producer Rico Love to push beyond her limits and finish her latest album, title, “The One.

About the process, she confesses, “I was so frustrated. Once I had the features done… I had clearances, I had artists who had label issues, it was just a lot.” Producer Rico Love assured Trina that her diehard fans would be waiting, and they were.

Trina hit the scene hard with a pop track with Nicki Minaj called BAPS, a catchy summer tune played over a Juvenile beat, with the lyrics, “It’s the two baddest b*tches that they love to hate/We racin’ yachts, it’s a bad b*tch holiday.”

About the song, Trina says, “It took a minute, but I was really excited about it.” But now, that collaboration is steeped in drama, with members of Trina’s camp alleging that Nicki Minaj did not promote the single as much as she promoted her #HotGirlSummer track with Megan the Stallion. Trina is going live tonight to address the issue head on.

Trina offers, “The biggest lesson I’ve learned is not to expect. [Expectation] is a killer in this industry. You expect things to go a certain way, you expect people to do certain things because you are who you are and they are who they are…You expect them to rep you [and support you]. [If it doesn’t happen, you get mad]. So when I learned to let go and not expect [anything] from people and just to know that hey, it is what it is. It’s either gonna happen or not gonna happen. Just keep it moving. Don’t get stuck in a place where that is the controller of your current situation, your life, your career, and your journey. “

Trina offers, “I’ve been through the highs and lows. Sometimes it’s not an easy road. I just want to stay true to myself. I’m just gonna be Trina. I’m not gonna settle. You gotta be the captain of your ship, otherwise, you can get drowned under what everyone else wants.”

What Trina would say to someone going through drama, “Find inner peace. I don’t care how much money you got, how many trips you take, take a moment to reset. Figure it out . I’ll sit back, I’ll dissect it. Some days I cry, some days I’m ok, some days I’ll pull through, some days I’m one step getting closer to this getting over with. For me, I dig in deeper and to try to get to the bottom of it. With every situation, there’s a resolution. But you have to be willing to do the work to get to the bottom of it. Figure out the core issue to fix it. “

Photographer: Fasçhiony

Editor: Claire Sulmers

Look 1:

Top: SG Couture Just My Style Top

Jeans: LTD Creations

Look 2:

Cover Up: Isoken Ofe

Bodysuit: SG Couture

Look 3:

Red Dress: Sai Sankoh from Fashion Bomb Daily Shop