Hey Guys!
So last night I made my way up to Carol’s Daughter in Harlem to get a manicure and chat with Kandi Burruss of Xscape and Real Housewives of Atlanta. As I’m sure all your Real Housewives fans know, Kandi is a very talented singer and producer and recently released a soulful album called Kandi Koated. So, Kandi and I chatted about music, fashion, and shoes…

…until my video cut off.
YES!!! I was so mad. I lent my Flip Video to a friend, so was working with my regular camera. Kandi and I were chatting it up, talking about her style… Little did I know that my card had insufficient memory, so didn’t catch all the magic. Good news is that we did get to learn about Kandi’s clothing store, Tags, which is in Atlanta.
Check it out:

What didn’t make the cut: News about Lawrence’s single, which will be coming out soon. Kandi flashing her amazing Versace shoes. And a more in depth discussion of her album.
But no matter–I listed to her CD last night and fell in love. Tons of cool, soulful tracks, with a mix of trash talking.

Pick it up and listen here at Amazon.com.

What do you guys think of Ms. Kandi?