So Bombshells…it looks like I’m going on tour;)
0 claire sulmers cocktails with claire fashion bomb daily kenzo spring 2013 forest printed jumpsuit.
I love meeting you in person, so am planning cocktail infused Meet & Greets in New York, Atlanta, and D.C.. Roll out to meet me and the FBD crew!
claire sulmers cocktails with claire fashion bomb daily kenzo spring 2013 forest printed jumpsuit
Stay tuned to this space for dates, times, and locations. So far, I tentatively plan to be in Atlanta August 7th, New York August 14th, and D.C. August 16th.
If you’re a boutique owner or fashionable entity and would like to get involved via gift bags, having your goods displayed, or sponsorship, e-mail us here.
See you soon!
cocktails with claire kenzo green printed forest jumpsuit
*I’m wearing my Kenzo Spring 2013 forest printed jumpsuit in these pix. I wore it as a longer jumpsuit a few months back (the legs zip off). Do you like it short or long?
Photos by Marta McAdams

46 thoughts on “Fashion Bomb Event: Announcing Cocktails with Claire!”

  1. @Everybody Yay!
    @Brenda We’ll definitely be doing a West Coast thing, perhaps in the winter.

  2. YAY! Can’t wait to attend! I wish I could here in DC but that’s the same weekend as the Bronner Bros. Hair show in ATL! August 16th. Any chance of switching the dates? @Claire xoxo

  3. Sounds great. We need more than a meet and greet in Denver! Maybe some tutorials and workshops, so we can get on the fashion map! Lol!

  4. Yay Claire and crew coming to the A…Hi jihan… I can’t wait super excited.. what will I wear?lol .. where in the A though? Yes I love this jumpsuit short.

  5. The Bahamas on your next tour Claire bear!! Also, that jumpsuit is super cute!xoxo

  6. This is great!! I saw you walking through my neighborhood on Sunday with your friends and their baby, Claire. I wished I was close enough to say hello without screaming.

  7. I second coming to Texas! I live in Houston, but Dallas will work also. Come on Claire :)

  8. Yay! Not sure if I can make it to the DC event, but really hoping I can.

    Jumpsuit looks adorable short- shows off your awesome legs!

  9. Love this look short is cute!, I loves it. Too bad it’s not available in my size

  10. You look fab, I love it short . Claire, please promise me you will never wear those sandals again.

  11. I like the jumpsuit short. It compliments your shape perfectly!

    Yay!!!! Might have to make the short trek to the A.

  12. I was devastated as I am moving from the East Coast next week. But you revived Me when you said you’ll try and come to LA this winter. Perfect timing. I can live and will hold you to that…cAN nOT WAIT!

  13. SMH… This look is awful on Claire’s complexion. It does NOTHING for her, her skintown, her legs… just wrong.

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