So, we at Fashion Bomb Daily have been dying to do a beauty-related post that highlights some of our go-to face/body/makeup essentials. Like most of you, we know the meaning of something called a ‘budget’ and we also recognize (and respect) the meaning of watching our spending. And, just as we are die-hard fashion enthusiasts – beauty is also pretty high on our list of priorities.

Now, grab a cup of tea, a notepad and a pen because we’re about to reveal some of the best beauty products on the market under $100!

Let’s get to it!

1) Origins’s Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, $17


To all my bombshells/bombers who suffer from oily and acne-ridden skin, this one’s for you! I purchased this little gem from Sephora about two weeks ago and my skin’s never looked clearer! And, it works wonders for pore shrinkage :)

2) Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $38


Prior to starting this post, I reached out to some of the other Fashion Bomb Daily writers to get a glimpse into some of their beauty faves! And, my girl Jamé quickly recommended Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder. She wrote, “It’s perfect for people like me who are on the go 12+ hours a day and won’t have much time to retouch makeup. It keeps your makeup put and won’t melt away when you sweat! It’s off white tint also doesn’t leave an ashy residue, even on our brown skin.”  Get yours here!

3) Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Peppermint Body Wash, $7


The next pick comes to us courtesy of our Editor-in-Chic Claire Sulmers! She was absolutely ecstatic about the ‘refereshing‘ nature of this organic body wash. Infused with stimulating peppermint oil – this cleanser cools skin, clears sinuses and sharpens your mind. Pretty neat, huh?

4) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, $4


I know some of you may wonder about the product that keeps Claire’s legs glowing! Well, look no further, her second recommendation is the answer to it all, lol. When I asked her to divulge a little more info about the legendary Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula she simply responded, “It keeps my legs poppin!” This heaven-send can be used for almost anything – from dry, cracked skin to intense moisture treatments, you get a HUGE bang for your buck! Cop it now!

5) Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Mask, $4


My sweetie Vuitton even chimed in on his favorite facial go-to! (And, I think this one is the Old Faithful of the bunch.) His thoughts on this natural home treatment are beyond dope- he expressed, “[This product] makes my skin clean, fights pimples and tightens pores. Pleasant scent and very inexpensive.” I gotta admit, this was my FAVE product in college! It literally took my skin from resembling a full-on planet to being (almost) flaw-free. Trust me, it’s worth checking out!

6) Ole Henriksen’s African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser, $30


Calling all my oily skin sistas! Need a cleanser that also serves as an anti-aging aid? Whelp, look no further because Ole Henriksen’s African Tea Foaming Cleanser is the key. African red tea nourishes and protects against premature signs of aging. Shea butter enhances cell regeneration while black currant oil, rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids moisturize and soothe inflammation. Cop it now!

7) L.A. Girl’s HD PRO Concealer, $3


I’m not a makeup connoisseur but some of my fellow FBD writers know wayyy more than I do, lol. When Marsha disclosed her beauty essentials, she proclaimed, “L.A. Girl HD PRO Concealer! It’s hella cheap but it gets the job done when it comes to hiding the dark circles!” Purchase here!

8) Hawaiian Tropic’s Sheer Touch Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30, $9


What list would be complete without sunscreen?! Our What To Wear/resident stylist Danielle quickly suggested this waterproof lotion that provides extensive protection against the sun’s harmful rays. This summer must-have also contains nourishing antioxidants and an exotic tropical scent!

9) Tarte’s Maracuja Oil, $48


Thanks to my love Giselle, I’m now saving up to invest in a bottle of Tarte’s Maracuja Oil! In it’s description (via ULTA), this oil is ‘rich in essential fatty acids known to recharge and replenish skin, maracuja oil helps deliver an overall rejuvenated and even-toned complexion while giving the appearance of brighter skin thanks to a high dose of vitamin C. This powerful anti-aging elixir provides instant hydration – quenching dry skin with no greasy or filmy feel’. Talk about feeling luxurious!

10) Black Radiance’s Lipstick in Tiger Lily (Shade 5116), $2


To round things out, we have another pick from Jamé! She raves, “I love a great red lip but whenever I just can’t make up my mind, this burnt orange shade is  perfect for my skin, pairs great with brown lip liner, matches EVERYTHING and is only $1.99 at the drugstore!” Get this beauty steal now!


Organix’s Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner, $8 each


As a naturalista, my hair is a pretty big deal! There’s a good amount of effort and time that goes into maintaining my coily tresses – so why not use dynamic products?! Organix’s Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner works wonders! With a mix of egg white proteins and coconut oils, these are sure to leave your hair hydrated and full of life! Try them out now!

See anything worth trying? Let us know what you think below!

Signing Out — Esmesha

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